Studying the past helps us understand the present.

Why History?

History majors and minors at Western are well-positioned for the job market. As a historian-in-training, you will learn to ask questions that matter. You will become a proficient communicator and researcher. You will develop skills to gather information independently, think and respond critically, and make thoughtful and accurate judgments, all while creating broad historical knowledge. As a prospective teacher educator, you will also develop as a creative problem solver able to overcome obstacles, master any responsibility, and lead with confidence.

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  • Undergraduate Majors

    We offer programs of study in History and Public History designed to specialize in many disciplines and career paths


  • Graduate Studies

    Above all, graduate students in our programs go on to produce new scholarly research about the past that is beneficial to understanding our world


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  • We are an award-winning department of faculty and students. The study of History provides insight into the diverse and exciting facets of the past and helps to understand the present. The valuable knowledge and skills gained here opens up the possibilities to exciting career paths and study. We look forward to helping you on your journey.

    Dr. Linda J. Borish, Chair

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Abigail Ward | Moira Cooper | Alex Jonas | Ella Nelson | Bailey Miller | Francesca Parrillo | Kiersten Lawrence | Ava Bos | Ahmon Cooper | Malia Garrison | Ben Smith | Jack MacDonald | Stephanie Falkowski | Jason Rose | Jungyun Kim | Ruth Aardsma

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  • 83 % of History graduates are in a job related to their degree

  • 85 % of students felt their program prepared them for their current job

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 75% of students had at least one instructor they were excited to learn from


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