• Jack Duhan '13

    Jack Duhan '13 uses what he learned at WMU in the field of law.

    Jack's video
  • Alex Bicknell

     Undergraduate Alex Bicknell study abroad trip in May 2018 on The Great Wall of China near Beijing.

  • Brandon Sikkenga '16 uses his Secondary Education History, Spanish and Geography in the classroom.

    Brandon Sikkenga video
  • Photo of Presidential Scholar Award Winner Alexandra Bicknell with Josh Koenig and Bill Warren

    Presidential Scholar Award Winner 2019 for History, Alexandra Bicknell

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History majors and minors at Western Michigan University are well positioned for the 21st century job market. As a historian-in-training, you will learn to ask questions that matter. You will become a proficient communicator and researcher. You will develop skills to gather information independently, think and respond critically, and make thoughtful and accurate judgments all while developing a broad historical knowledge. As a prospective teacher educator, you will also develop as a creative problem solver able to overcome obstacles, master any responsibility and lead with confidence.

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