Graduate Certificate in History (9 credit hours)

The Graduate Certificate Program in History is designed to provide students with the opportunity to take graduate-level courses in History for professional development or for personal enrichment. Students can choose either to focus on a specific area of study or to take courses from a variety of historical subfields. The Certificate in History is ideal for those who desire a graduate credential in History, but are unsure about the feasibility of seeking a master’s or doctoral degree. Credits earned in the Graduate Certificate program can be applied to a Master of Arts degree if you decide to continue your studies.

This certificate program should be of interest to a wide range of community members:

  • Those with an undergraduate degree in History or a related discipline who would like the satisfaction of earning a graduate-level credential
  • Secondary school educators for whom a graduate credential would advance their professional careers
  • Those working in history-related fields (e.g., museums, historical societies, libraries, government, law) who want to deepen their historical understanding and enhance their professional competence
  • Community members with a strong interest in History who would enjoy the challenge of taking graduate-level classes for personal fulfillment

Admissions requirements:
1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
2. Submission of a letter of intent stating specific interests and academic and professional goals.
3. Two letters of recommendation from persons able to evaluate the applicant’s potential for graduate study.

Program requirements:
The Graduate Certificate Program in History consists of 9 credit hours of approved courses in HIST at the 5000 and 6000 levels, some of which require the instructor’s pre-approval.

Approved courses for certificate students:
HIST 5000: Topics in History
HIST 5150: Topics in Public History
HIST 5245: Topics in American History
HIST 5405: Topics in Ancient History
HIST 5495: Topics in European History
HIST 5500: Topics in Medieval History
HIST 5501: Medieval Proseminar
HIST 5850: Topics in Asian, African, and Latin American History
HIST 5910: Topics in Historical Theory and Method
HIST 6010: Historiography
HIST 6050: Readings in American History
HIST 6115: Readings in Ancient History
HIST 6120: Readings in Medieval History
HIST 6160: Readings in European History
HIST 6185: Readings in Global and Comparative History
HIST 6250: Readings in Cultural Resource Management
HIST 6440: Material Culture

Courses approved for certificate students on permission of the instructor:
HIST 6730: Research Seminar in History
HIST 6750: Research Seminar in American History
HIST 6815: Research Seminar in Ancient History
HIST 6820: Research Seminar in Medieval History
HIST 6860: Research Seminar in European History
HIST 6880: Research Seminar in Global and Comparative History