History Major and Minor

History studentsAre you passionate about history? Do you want to broaden your knowledge base? Do you want to improve your critical thinking, writing, communication, research, and analytic skills? Then the history major or minor is for you!

As a history major or minor in the Western Michigan University Department of Historyyou will receive an in depth education on a wide range of fascinating historical topics, including:

  • US, European, and World History
  • Ancient, medieval, early modern and modern history
  • History of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • Specialized topics, such as World War II and the Holocaust, slavery, sports, gender, the environment, the Renaissance, the history of food, and more!

Career options

The history major or Mminor prepares you for a wide range of careers, including law, government, politics, journalism, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, academia, business, and many others.

Developing your skills

The core skills you will develop in these courses—critical thinking, writing, constructing arguments, research, communication—are exactly the kinds of broad-based skills that employers routinely say they seek in college graduates, in addition to a breadth and depth of knowledge about the world around us