Peyser Endowment Application

The Department of History at Western Michigan University holds the Joseph L. Peyser Endowment for the Study of New France.  The  application deadlines are October 15 and March 15 of each academic semester.

Application guidelines

The proposal (no longer than four pages of narrative) should include:

  • Brief statement of the overall project indicating its contribution to the study of New France.
  • Indication of what has already been done on the project, if anything, or how the topic relates to the applicant’s research interests and experience.
  • A specific proposal of what is to be accomplished if funding is granted.
  • Reference to other sources of funding applied for, or to be applied for (simply a statement of plans for seeking support) in the course of the overall project if it will take more than the proposed research period to accomplish.
  • Mention of any publications that have resulted so far or publications from earlier research that is related to the project.

The narrative should be followed by:

  • A bibliography of any works cited
  • A timetable for the research
  • A brief budget
  • A vita

The above guidelines are intended to serve for proposing projects of different scopes, including those which require support for a single brief period as well as multiphase research that may generate more than one request to Joseph L. Peyser Endowment for the Study of New France. In the case of multiphase research, the proposal should indicate clearly the stage of the work at the time of application and the goals that can be accomplished during the period for which funding is sought.


At the end of the period of research supported by the Joseph L. Peyser Endowment for the Study of New France, a brief report should be submitted outlining what was accomplished.


For detailed descriptions of the endowment and its guidelines see:

For more information contact:

Dr. José António Brandão
Chair, Joseph L. Peyser Endowment Committee