Smith Burnham Outstanding Intern Award Winners


Smith Burnham

In the Department of History at Western Michigan University, the Smith Burnham Outstanding Intern Award is given to a social studies or history education major each fall and spring semester. The award given from 1919 to 1939 and named for Smith Burnham, chair of the History and Social Sciences Department at Western State Normal School and Western State Teachers College (later renamed Western Michigan University). Burnham was a nationally known history and social studies educator, and author or co-author of six elementary and secondary U.S. history textbooks that were widely used throughout the United States during the 1920s and 1930s.

The award is made based on an application process and interview with Bill Warren, James Cousins and teachers from Portage Central and Portage Northern High Schools. The award winner is placed with a cooperating teacher at Portage Central High School in the fall semester and Portage Northern High School in the spring semester. The awardee receives close supervision and multiple opportunities to observe and receive feedback from several of the social studies teachers at PCHS or PNHS, and then receives letters of recommendation from their cooperating teacher, the principals at PCHS or PNHS, and Bill Warren and James Cousins. In addition, each award winner receives a $500.00 stipend.

Award recipients

The list below notes the award recipients and the semester in which they did their internship at PCHS since the award began in 2007. The first PNHS placement occurred in spring 2016.

  • Fall 2007: Chad Williams
  • Spring 2008: Jesse Harrington
  • Fall 2008: Scott Van Kampen
  • Spring 2009: Matthew Clark
  • Fall 2009: Bridgett Bush
  • Spring 2010: Rachel Kotecki
  • Fall 2010: Sara Carroll
  • Spring 2011: Adam Shockley
  • Fall 2011: Joshua Garcia  
  • Spring 2012: Hana Wolters
  • Fall 2012: Erin Frame
  • Spring 2013: Sarah Bartley
  • Fall 2013: Lucas Collin Nuismer
  • Spring 2014: Nick Bryant
  • Fall 2014: Amanda Waligora
  • Spring 2015: Ben Bellinger
  • Fall 2015: Hannah Rall
  • Spring 2016: Sarah Pease
  • Fall 2016: Micala Klipfer
  • Spring 2017: Sara Forman
  • Fall 2017: Connor Wilson

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