Successful dissertation defenses

Peter Dobek

Karczma/Taberna: Public Houses in Cracow during the Jagiellonian Dynasty

Committee: James Palmitessa (chair), Robert Berkhofer, James Murray, Piotr Gorecki (University of California at Riverside)

Date of defense: Oct. 29, 2019


Joshua Koenig

Representations: Public Depictions of the Trans-Mississippi American West

Committee: Ed Martini (chair), Lynne Heasley, Mitch Kachun, Nicholas Witschi

Date of defense: Dec. 11, 2019


John Byczynski

Beyond the Farm: Capitalism in North-Central Minnesota, 1880-1940

Committee: Eli Rubin (chair), Lynne Heasley, Ed Martini, Hilary Virtanen

Date of defense: March 13, 2020