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Your healthcare benefits include medical and prescription drug coverage. 

health care at a glance

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BCBSM Community blue PPO 80/20 Coinsurance

The Community Blue preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

BCBSM PPO provider details - Find network providers, access helpful pharmacy information, explore on-campus health care options, and obtain claim forms for submission. 

PPO Benefits-at-a-Glance - A general overview of your medical and prescription drug plan.

PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage- A summary showing how you and the plan share the cost of covered health care services. 

adding/removing dependents

Eligible dependents can be added to your coverage during an open enrollment period or within 31 days of a qualifying event. You are required to remove dependents from your coverage due to certain qualifying events such as divorce or death of a spouse, child or Designated Eligible Individual. For details on adding dependents, please refer to Insurance Plans: Employee Handbook Section 12


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  • Benefit Notices
  • Common benefits language - Get help understanding the common terms of health care and how your plan works.
  • HIPAAestablishes certain privacy rights regarding employees' personal health information.
  • Western Wellness - Receive a yearly $240 pre-tax reduction in your health plan contributions by becoming a Western Wellness participant. Take advantage of our resources and facilities to assist you with a healthy and active lifestyle.  

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