Esport Minor

This program is offered in-person.

This interdisciplinary program prepares students to enter the industry of esport, giving students a close-up look at the values, ethics, arts and business of video gaming. Working closely with WMU’s esports arena, students will learn key components of hosting and managing esport tournaments and competitions at the national and global levels. This minor allows students to choose coursework from three colleges at WMU to further their knowledge and education. 

Why now?

There has been phenomenal growth in the esport industry and it is estimated that the world wide market for esport will be worth approximately $2.8 billion dollars by 2025. The industry needs people who are trained, not only in technology, but with the business, management, creating and scheduling tournaments, and often the culture of sport.

    About the Arena

WMU's Esport Arena is one of the very few esports arenas in Michigan to provide space for practice, tournament play, academics and professional production in one location.
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Engage with the industry

Video of Field Trip to WMU's Esports Arena with the sport management students

Take a tour of the WMU's very own Esport Arena with Dr. Colin Cork and his Introduction to Esport class. 

More from the Field Trip Friday series.


  • Required Course (3 credit hours)

    HPHE 3001 | Introduction to Esport (3 credits)

  • Required Electives (12 credits)

    Choose any 4 courses (12 credits) from the below two Emphasis Areas.

    Courses are divided into emphasis areas so that students can focus their studies in just one area if desired. But any of the courses below can be used to complete the minor. Other elective courses may be approved by the program faculty. Courses cannot be counted for both a major and a minor.

  • Emphasis Area A: Values, Ethics and Art

    Emphasis Area A: Values, Ethics and Art (all courses 3 credits each)

    A-S 3900 | Arts and Sciences Seminar when offered as Gaming Issues and Culture

    PHIL 3140 | Philosophy and Public Affairs when offered as Value and Video Games

    EDT 5030 | Special Topics for Instructional Technology Applications when offered as Esport and Education

    HPHE 3600 | Sport and Perf. Psychology 

    CS 2100 | Introductory Topics in Computing Technology when offered as Video Game Programming for Everyone

    OR CS 2270 | Video Gaming Programming for Everyone

    MDVL 1000 | The Middle Ages, Then and Now

  • Emphasis Area B: The Business of Gaming

    Emphasis Area B: The Business of Gaming (all courses 3 credits each)

    MGMT 2140 | Exploring Entrepreneurship 

    MGMT 2020 | Leading in Business Organizations

    MGMT 2500 | Organizational Behavior

    HPHE 2100 | Special Events 



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