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Challenging courses and experience-driven learning that let you pursue new and innovative knowledge.

When you choose industrial and entrepreneurial engineering or engineering management, you will conquer challenging courses that let you pursue new and innovative knowledge. When you graduate, you will find a career in a field dedicated to engineering a better world.

Your coursework will challenge and inspire you. You'll learn fundamentals that prepare you for success in in your field. Choose the degree is right for. you: bachelor, accelerated master, master's or doctoral. So what can you do?

Engineering management requires technical and managerial skills to lead engineering teams. It's all about combining business acumen with technical expertise.

Industrial and entrepreneurial engineering involves designing and implementing systems that improve an organization's processes. When you enter this field, your goal will be to make your company efficient and innovative.

  • The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences was really able to help me progress a 3D mindset, a creative way of thinking, a way of being able to think outside of the box and come up with solutions.

    Spencer Rochowiak, B.S.'21, founder of Bowden 3D and sales engineer at Plascore


Group of students and faculty member in Floyd Hall lobby

Our Resources = Your Success

Floyd Hall—home of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences—has the resources for your success. Whether you are looking for career advice, help with classes or advising or want to meet a group of Broncos engineers, you have access to opportunities to fill your needs.

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