Interactive Dashboards

In order to make data about Western Michigan University more accessible, the Office of Institutional Research will continue to produce and publish new self-service interactive dashboards powered by Tableau. Users will have the freedom to query the database and create PDF downloads.  Tableau is a business intelligence visualization tool that allows users to interact with data through dynamic and interactive dashboards and maps.   Tableau dashboards are primarily to be used to provide users with summarized information. 

Enrollment DASHBOARDs

Student body diversity data is a snapshot of student race/ethnicity, gender, and Pell recipient status.

Student enrollment dashboard (First Majors Only) by term, college, demographics, and more.  

Student enrollment dashboard (All Majors) by term, college, demographics, and more. Use this board if you need to count the total number of students in a given college, department, or major.

Michigan student enrollment maps dashboard by term, college, demographics, and more.

faculty and staff DASHBOARD

The WMU Faculty and Staff Dashboard presents the number (headcount) and FTE (full-time equivalent) of WMU academic and administrative employees, including staff and students.  It is generated from November snapshots of payroll data.  

FTE:  based on split appointments (partial FTE is credited to each organization/division and Workforce Category as appropriate, based on an employee's split appointments and/or part-time appointments)

Headcount:  based on primary appointments, in order to not double count heads

credit hour DASHBOARD

Western Michigan student credit hours by term, college, demographics, and more

degrees awarded DASHBOARD

WMU Degrees Awarded data is a snapshot of the number of degrees awarded in a given fiscal year and term. It does not include additional (second, third, etc.) majors. This is a self-service dashboard developed to help you access data on degrees awarded by WMU. Use the filters provided to explore.

all CERTIFICATES and degrees dashboard

All Certificates and Degrees dashboard is a snapshot of the number of all certificates and degrees, including degree majors and all additional (second, third, etc.) majors, awarded in a given fiscal year. Use this board if you need to count the total number of all certificate counts, degree counts, and minor counts in a given college or department.