Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I go to log in to the Faculty Activity Report System (FARS)?

FARS went live on September 15th, 2017. FARS users can access the system through the GoWMU website. From the main page type "Faculty Activity Reporting System" in the search bar at the top of the page and click on the drop-down option. On the neck page click on the Access FARS button using your Bronco NetID and password.

How do I get rid of "activities require your attention" in fars? 

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Who has to submit a Professional Activity Report (PAR) through FARS?

All members of the bargaining unit; namely, all Board-appointed ranked faculty. While department chairs, deans, etc. are not required to do so by the WMU/AAUP Agreement, they may be required to do so by their Dean/Provost.

I was on leave (sabbatical, administrative, etc.) last year, do I need to submit a PAR through FARS?

Yes, please add the relevant activities to the "Course Release, Buy-Out, Professional Leave, and Sabbatical" section of the FARS.

This is my first year at WMU. Do I need to submit a PAR through FARS?

Yes, report on what you did for the time period prior to coming to WMU. The exception is any courses taught at your previous institution.

What is required for me to fill out to submit my PAR through FARS?

  • In the Profile section, degree information is required of all faculty. Professional Licensures & Certifications are required of those faculty for whom it is relevant. Awards and Honors are recommended for your achievements to be recognized.
  • In the Activities section, adding the "Additional Course Data" to each course you taught and all activities that began, ended, or were ongoing during the designated period.

My name is incorrect in my Profile and I am unable to edit it. How do I update this information?

The "Personal Information" profile section is populated with the corresponding information from Human Resource's PeopleSoft information system. To fix your record you need to contact HR to update your official records.

Where should I enter X activity into FARS?

This document may help you. Your department chair or dean can also help you figure out where a particular activity belongs in the FARS.

How do I submit my PAR through FARS?

At the top of the PAR are three buttons. Click on Submit For Review to submit your PAR.

Do I still have to submit my paper PAR after submitting my PAR through FARS?


Why is the use of FARS to complete the PAR being implemented?

Currently, information for the Professional Activity Report (PAR) is collected mainly through a Microsoft Word template, which makes it difficult to summarize at the department, college, or university level. As a centralized digital reporting system, FARS will effectively capture complex and diverse faculty activities, showcase faculty accomplishments, and reduce the number of duplicate requests for faculty information. This type of software is already in widespread use by most of our peer institutions.

What will be done with the information that is reported?

Information collected through FARS will be used to apply for accreditation, for program review, for faculty tenure/promotion, and for other reporting purposes.

Who has access to the WMU FARS system?

A FARS governance committee will oversee all access to the system. Generally speaking, faculty will have access to the system and can update and use their data at any time during the year. Chairs will have access to the PAR data for their departments and deans will have access to their college's PAR data. Other access (some broad and some narrow) will be available to Institutional Research, OVPR, Institutional Effectiveness, HIGE, and University Relations (i.e., publication and creative activity).

Are the forms of data for the PARS being mandated by the administration?

In compliance with the WMU AAUP Agreement, the form of data collected is governed by the deans of the respective academic colleges. While the forms of data are similar overall, each dean has overseen the format of the PAR data being collected and adapted the material specific to the needs of their college (i.e., addition of clinical information for colleges with clinical outreach programs).

Where do I report a problem with my FARS account?

To report a problem, please send an email to A staff from the Office of Institutional Research will respond to your request shortly.