The chief attorney for WMU

The Office of Legal Affairs, Risk & Compliance is committed to act with integrity, knowledge of the law, and reason in support of the dynamic educational, research and collaborative environment of the University.

 The goal of the office is to provide, manage, and coordinate all legal services for the University in order to minimize the institution's legal risks and liability, and to do so in a professional, cost-effective manner.  The office also seeks to ensure that the University complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and assists in the campus wide compliance effort.

 The office interacts with and provides legal counsel to the University through its Board of Trustees, president, and all levels of the administration in numerous areas, including governance, business, employment, contracts, research, student affairs, development, information technology, international affairs, intellectual property, construction, grants and collaborations with external entities.

Legal services

Legal services provided by the Office of Legal Affairs, Risk & Compliance include:

  • Providing legal advice, counsel and training to University administrators.
  • Assisting in the development of University policy and procedures.
  • Advising regarding sensitive employment matters.
  • Reviewing contracts and other legal documents
  • Securing and coordinating the services of outside legal counsel when necessary for litigation and matters requiring legal specialization.
  • Helping to resolve disputes, claims and litigation.

The Office of Legal Affairs, Risk & Compliance is committed to practicing preventive law and reducing potential legal liability for Western Michigan University in order to further its institutional missions and conserve public resources.

When administrators seek legal advice on behalf of the University from the Office of Legal Affairs, Risk & Compliance, such communications will generally be subject to the attorney-client privilege of confidentiality. It should be noted, however, that the office cannot provide legal advice to employees or students on personal legal matters.

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