Debasri Mukherjee

Photo of Debasri Mukherjee
Debasri Mukherjee
Professor of Economics
(269) 387-5544
5426 Friedmann Hall, Mail Stop 5330
Mailing address: 
Department of Economics
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5330 USA
  • Ph.D., University of California-Riverside, 2002
Research interests: 
  • Nonparametric/semiparametric econometrics
  • Growth economics

Dr. Debasri Mukherjee is a professor in the Department of Economics at Western Michigan University.

She teaches:

  • A Ph.D.-level econometric theory course that involves panel data analysis, as well as various cross-sectional analyses with special emphasis on nonlinear modeling.
  • Economic development (occasionally).
  • Econometric theory workshop for graduate students (occasionally).
  • Principles of microeconomics.
  • Principles of macroeconomics.
  • Undergraduate econometrics, a capstone course for economics majors.
  • Various econometrics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Mukherjee's research includes:

  • Applications of econometrics for analyzing issues related to foreign-aid
  • Health in developing countries
  • Immigration
  • Nonparametric modeling
  • Panel data analysis
  • Variable-selection-problems in econometrics