Signature Authority - University Agreements

Responsible officeBoard of Trustees
ClassificationBoard of Trustees-delegated Policy
Category02. University Organization and Authority
  1. Unless specifically exempted by other sections of this policy, no member of the University faculty, staff, or student body is authorized to sign any lease, contract or any other agreement binding the University except the President, the Treasurer and/or the Assistant Treasurer.
  2. Specifically exempted agreements are:
    1. Purchase orders and contracts for goods and/or services negotiated under University Purchasing Department policies may be signed by the Director of Purchasing or any other staff member specifically designated by the Director of Purchasing.
    2. Offers of employment are covered under other policy statements.
    3. The Board of Trustees may, as a part of approving specific agreements, or as a result of an official Board policy, designate the person, or persons, to sign on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the University.
  3. The Treasurer is authorized to designate in writing to specific staff members the authority to sign recurring types of contracts.
  4. Faculty, staff, or students who are in the process of negotiation with outside persons and/or agencies shall refer all proposed agreements to the Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer shall:
    1. Review the agreement for any patent liability to the University, its Board of Trustees, or its staff and determine what steps need to be taken to make the risk acceptable.
    2. Review the documentation with the University Attorney as to form and legality.
    3. Forward any acceptable lease, contract or other agreement to the President, the Treasurer and/or the Assistant Treasurer for signature.
  5. Agreements signed under the authority of this policy shall be in a form prescribed by the University Attorney.

The above policy was adopted by the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees on January 18, 1980 and has not been rescinded.


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