Current Members

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Aguirre-Jaimes, Amanda - Human Resources

Alexander, Joyce - Retired

Amos, James - Office of Information Technology

Amos, Joan - WMUK Radio

Anderson, Brandy - Success at WMU

Andrews, Rosemary - Social Work

Armstrong, Buff - Center for Academic Success Programs

Atwater, Lori - Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems

Austin, Rachael - Center for Disability Services

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Bacik, James - Aviation

Barstow, Timothy - Registrar's Office

Beougher, Sue - Retired

Bibler, Melissa - Graduate College

Bigelow, Luann - Accountancy

Bishop, Lenore - Registrar's Office

Bonenfant, Paul - Extended University Programs

Boylan, Julie - College of Education and Human Development

Bracey, Matthew - Office of Student Transitions

Brody, Brook - Center for Academic Success Programs

Brooks, Marylou - Geography

Brown, George - School of Medicine

Brownell, Jessica - Sindecuse Health Center

Buckmaster, Courtney - Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems

Burghdoff, Michelle - Human Resources

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Carter, Vicky - Waldo Library

Chapman, Stephanie - University Libraries

Choker, Mary - Dining Services

Clancy, Stacey - Dining Services

Cochran, Kerry - Retired

Cole, Erika - Aviation

Comeau, Lynsey - Extended University Programs Grand Rapids

Comparoni, Nina - Accounts Receivable

Conklin, Luke - University Libraries

Copeland, Anne - Office of Student Transitions

Councell, Anastasia - Evaluation Center

Courter, Kim - Aviation

Crall, Lisah - Chemistry

Crawford, Vicky - Human Performance and Health Education

Crump, Nicole - Aviation 

Culver, Terri - Accounting Services

Currie, Myra - Public Safety

Custer, Judy - Haworth College of Business

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Dailey, Karie - Human Resources 

Dean, Anita (Karen) - Retired

DeHaan, Robin - Physics

DeVries, Pearl - College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Drzewiecki, Kathleen - Mallinson Institute for Science Education

Duchesneau, Cassandra - History

Dunithan, Teri - Purchasing

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Eagle, Lauren - Psychology

Evans, Matthew - Accounts Receivable

Everett, Shirley - Residence Life

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Feenstra, Kim - Aviation

Fields, Amy - Unified Clinics

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Gabriel, Bonnie - Evaluation Center

Geromin, Jeff - Children's Place Learning Center

Godzina, Brent - Facilities Management

Guimond, Anne - Gender and Women's Studies

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Hamlyn, Brenda - Registrar

Harrington, Marjorie - Medieval Institute

Heilmann, Jennifer - Computer Science

Hennessy, Kate - Office of Information Technology

Hoang, Khanh - Archives and Regional History Collection

Hoger, Amanda - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Houtz, Hannah - Psychology

Hughson, Deborah - Residence Life

Hummel, Christine - School of Public Affairs and Administration

Hurd, Ruth - Retired

Hutson, Amber - Psychology

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Jackson, Jacquelyn - Human Resources

James, Casey (Kaycie) - Psychology

Johnson, Jen - PFT Pilot Plants

Johnson, Nancy - Retired

Jones, Kimberly - Interdisciplinary Health Programs

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Kingston, Sharon - Special Education and Literacy Studies

Kirkendall, Laura - Maintenance Services

Krum, Lori - Physics

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Lassen, Karen - Sindecuse Health Center

LaVoy, Angela - Payroll and Disbursements

Laws, Sally - Accounts Receivable

Leftwich, Carson - Graduate College

Logan, Missy - Public Safety

Long, Jamie - Chemical and Paper Engineering

Lucado, Tiffany - Center Disability Services

Lyke, Rose Ella - Aviation

Lynema, Rena - CELCIS

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Manion, Harmony - Chemical and Paper Engineering

Marquardt, Dawn - Accounts Receivable 

Mata, Maria - Multicultural Affairs

Matthews, Tracy - Human Resources

McCann, Bri - Sustainability

Medendorp, Judith - Special Education and Literacy Studies

Michael, Jeanine - Human Resources

Miller, Andrea - College of Health and Human Services

Miller, Kristy - Sindecuse Health Center

Molvern, Sandra - Admissions

Moore, Cecelia - University Libraries

Morris-Mier, Carol - Retired

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New, Hope - Unified Clinics

Northrop, Pat - Waldo Library

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Obreiter, Natalia (Cris) - Military Science and Leadership

O'Donnell, Kayleen - Intercultural and Anthropological Studies

Oliphant, Eric - Miller Auditorium

Olsen, Carolyn - Center Disability Services

Orlando, Lisa - Extended University Programs

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Pabis, Joe - OIT, Telecommunications

Parshall, Karen - Unified Clinics 

Peacock, Barb - Retired

Penny, Shannon - Occupational Therapy

Perry, Eric - Miller Auditorium

Phillips, Vonceal - Retired

Pietras, Cathy - Retired

Pirrotta, Karlee - Center for Academic Success Program

Pitts, Andrew - International Student Services

Pomeroy, Denean - College of Education and Human Development

Pursley, Jerri - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Quintanilla, Mirthala - Admissions

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Ramlow, Mary - Evaluation Center

Rasnake, Sarah - Human Performance and Health Education

Rhodes, Tara - College of Arts and Sciences Advising

Rininger, Shannon - Miller Auditorium

Ross, Lynn - Auxiliary Enterprises/Athletics

Rossiter, Lindsey - Haenicke Institute 

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Sams, Tracie - Residence Life

Schultz, Alec - Admissions

Schultz, Megan - Registrar

Shafer, Jeannine - Finance and Commercial Law

Sherburn, Tracie - Retired

Simmons, Terri - Custodial Services - Facilities Management

Siwik, Cheryl - Payroll and Disbursements 

Smith, Cait - Business Operations

Solt, Kevin - Aviation

Spanjer, Rebecca (Bekki) - College of Fine Arts (Friend of PSSO) 

Sprangel, Timothy - College of Education

St. John, Gretchen - Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Tavakalyan, Angelina - Office of Information Technology

Tembreull, Kimberly - Psychology

Thomas, Christine - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Thomas, Symone - Admissions

Thompson, Tina - Special Education and Literacy Studies

Town, Cynthia - Institutional Equity

Tyler, Stacey - Dance (Friend of PSSO)

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van den Hombergh, Beth - Career and Student Employment Services

Vanderwiel, Yvonne - College of Education and Human Development, ELRT

VanderWoude, Cindy - University Recreation

Van Seters, Jonathan - Office of Information Technology

Van'tZelfde, Jacqueline - Retired

Vorva, Marianna - Center for Academic Success Programs

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Wagner, Anne - Payroll and Disbursements

Walker, Linda - Extended University Programs

Warner, Paige - First Year Experience (Friend of PSSO)

Weber, Patricia  - Retired

Wells, Johanna - College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

White, Anitra - College of Education and Human Development

Wilcox, Pat - Payroll

Williams, Braunson - Registrar

Williams, Harmony - TRIO FESP

Willis, Kimberly - WMUK

Willmann, Karla - Management

Wilson, Cathie - Mathematics

Wollensak, Nathan - College of Health and Human Services

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Young, Brittney - TRiO

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