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How to Improve Mental Health While Working Remote During COVID-19

Posted by Shavonne Shaw on

In March 2020, the president declared a nationwide emergency due to the COVID-19 virus. As a result, businesses shut down, people were jobless, and some were mandated to work from home. According to NNCI, fewer than 6% of Americans worked from home before the pandemic. As of May 2020, 48.7 million people reported working from home. Employers like Twitter, Apple, Zillow, and many other companies have announced their employees will work remote indefinitely.

Traveling During COVID-19? Tips to Travel Safe in a Pandemic

Posted by Dalis Woods on

The past two years we have defined life into two categories: Pre COVID-19 & During COVID-19. Looking back to see life before the masks and social distancing, life seemed so carefree. Today, we are constantly having the looming thought of COVID-19 with every choice and plan we make. Before, we would plan vacations months in advance for milestones like spring break and birthdays.

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Bridging the Technological Gap for Seniors

Posted by Jake Line on

It is no secret that older adults struggle with technology. With the events of COVID-19 and the following lockdowns, many aspects of daily life have transitioned online in some form. Everyday activities such as getting groceries, going to the bank, and seeing loved one all required technology and an internet connection. This change greatly affected older adults who may not have the skills to understand how to use their technology and in turn are unable to connect with their family.

Pandemic Puppies and COVID Cats: How Our Pets Are Keeping Us Healthy

Posted by Spencer Adams on

COVID 19 has caused many stressors in the lives of many Americans nationwide. With sheltering in place and mask mandates around the country to keep us safe, it’s hard to find any bright side as we go into our 18th month of this global pandemic. In these isolated times, one wonders how they will make it through without social connections. Despite the doom and gloom of isolation, there is one way you can enjoy the outside and socialize without risking infection. Pets.

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Keeping Our Loved Ones Healthy: How to Talk About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted by Ashley Dittmar on

Currently, 57% of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Over half of Americans are vaccinated, but we still have friends and family who aren’t comfortable getting the vaccine yet. To end the pandemic, 70-90% of people need to get vaccinated to stop the spread of the virus. We need to encourage our loved ones to join the millions of vaccinated Americans.