Kercher Center for Social Research

The Kercher Center for Social Research is a research arm of the Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University. It was founded in 1956, and has since operated as a research and consultation center for department faculty; other university faculty and units; and local, regional, and national government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The center has completed more than $3.5 million in contract research including federal, state and locally funded projects, and has conducted projects for both academic and practical needs.

Goals and objectives

The Kercher Center for Social Research emphasizes multidisciplinary collaboration and consultation and is committed to providing quality research services in combination with effective student training. The mission of the center is to:

  • Advance the understanding of social processes and of social policy analysis.
  • Serve the research needs of Kalamazoo and surrounding communities, the southwest region and the state of Michigan.
  • Train undergraduate and graduate students to become the next generation of social researchers.

Consultation and questions

Kercher Center staff are available for professional consultation on various research projects.  Contact Dr. David Hartmann for more information.