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Interested in sociology or criminal justice? The Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University offers programs in criminal justice and sociology.

  • Criminal justice students study the components of the justice system and its assumptions and implications for society.
  • Internships are often available and many interns pursue careers in the justice system.
  • Sociology students study a somewhat broader range of institutions—educational, political, medical, religious and others—and problems including poverty, inequality, racism, sexism and economic dislocation.
  • Both majors share a set of core methods and theories and both seek to understand the interdependencies of individuals, families, social groups and normative and regulatory systems in a society. Increasingly, this is done cross-nationally and cross-culturally as well as in direct examination of global systems of interdependence.

Graduate programs stressing both theory and method include master's and doctoral programs. Check out our new accelerated M.A. program!

WMU embraces collaboration and leverages resources to offer academic programs that are responsive to the needs of all students and society.


Dissertation Completion Scholarship

In September 2021, the Department of Sociology will make available three Dissertation Completion Scholarships for our graduate students in the amount of $5,000 each. Details will be forthcoming from the Central Graduate Committee.


WMU Cold Case Program

The Criminal Justice Studies Program has partnered with Michigan State Police to create the new Cold Case Program. Under the direction of Dr. Ashlyn Kuersten, students will help review and organize cold case files searching for new leads to help police with unsolved murders in southwest Michigan. WMU News - New Cold Case Program; Forensics Magazine


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