Multicultural Greek Council

  • SLG at Bronco Bash at Western Michigan University
  • SYZ at Western Michigan University
  • LTA at Western Michigan University
  • DTL at Western Michigan University
  • SLB at Western Michigan University
The Multicultural Greek Council consists of both fraternities and sororities. There are currently 8 MGC chapters here at Western. During the academic year,  every group within the council chooses a week dedicated for programming related to their individual organization. For times and locations of events during each week, check out the chapter or council's social media. Follow the chapters on social media to get more details on study tables, service opportunities, socials, and fundraising opportunities throughout the semester!
  • Omega Delta Phi Founder's Week - November 14-21
  • Sigma Psi Zeta Founder's Week - March 20-24
  • Delta Tau Lambda Founder's Week - March 27-31
  • Sigma Lambda Beta Founder's Week - April 3-8
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma Founder's Week - April 10-14
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Founder's Week - April 17-21
In addition, there are several council wide events throughout the academic year. The first, the MGC Banquet, takes place in the fall semester. This event is a chance for all council members to come together and celebrate their accomplishments, as well as socialize with each other. The 2023 Banquet is currently scheduled for November 12. The second, MGC Showcase, takes place in the spring semester. This event brings together MGC chapters from Western and beyond to engage in a friendly competition, with organizations demonstrating a variety of steps, strolls, dances, and salutes. The next Showcase is TBA.
Each organization has its own specific requirements and varied timelines for aspirants to become candidates for membership. All candidates must be full-time students at Western Michigan University during the semester seeking membership. Organizations host informational meetings throughout the semester, open to anyone interested in learning more about the history and membership requirements, as well as meeting current members. Students interested in joining an MGC organization are encouraged to attend these informational sessions, and there may be additional opportunities for community-wide informational sessions hosted by MGC, sometimes in collaboration with other councils as well. If you're interested in joining one of these organizations, you can reach out to an active member, connect with them through social media, or send them an email through ExpWMU.




Board members

Vice President of Council Operations
Ambika Burramukka /
Chief of Finance
Randy Santana /
Media Outreach Chair
Philanthropy Chair
Anna Nobouphasavanh /
WSA Representative
Elianai Orozco /