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Faith/Spiritual Registered Student Organizations

As a diverse and inclusive campus community, Western Michigan University welcomes and encourages spirituality and faith based Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Building one’s own sense of self and purpose is not always tied to a single religion or set of beliefs, while for other students it may be. At WMU, you will find RSOs which are affiliated with particular religions as well as those which are interfaith and non-denominational. RSOs offer a plethora of unique programming opportunities to support your spiritual development as a Bronco.

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Kanley Chapel

Kanley Memorial Chapel, an interfaith facility, is located at the heart of Western Michigan University's main campus. Since its erection in 1953, the chapel has symbolized the fervent interest of the university to offer a complete educational experience for its students.

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Donations to Kanley Memorial Chapel can be made in two ways:

  1. Equipment, religious relics and other in-kind gifts can be made by emailing the Kanley Chapel Building Coordinator's office or calling (269) 387-4866. A wish list of needs for the building is available.
  2. Check or credit card donations can be received through the WMU Foundation or (269) 387-8700.