Aisle Runner

From the back of the Chapel to the first landing is 57 feet, continuing up the stairs to the altar is 36 feet, for a total of 93 feet. It is your responsibility to provide an aisle runner if you wish to have one.

Candelabras and Candles

Due to fire regulations, lighted candles may only be used on the altar or in the candelabras. Special arrangements can be made to allow candles on the window sills. Kanley Memorial Chapel does not provide unity candles for events. A unity candle can only be placed on the main marble altar in the chapel. No lighted candles are allowed on the pews or anywhere else in the Chapel. Lighted candles may not be carried anywhere in the Chapel.

Two brass candelabras with adjustable arms, each holding seven candles (candles are provided) may be rented at an additional cost. Please mark the space in front of "Candelabra" on your reservation form if you wish to use them.

Candles are lit by the Kanley student assistant before the ceremony and extinguished immediately after. If you fail to comply with the candle policy, there will be a charge of at least $25 to cover cleaning expenses.


Please inform all delivery persons that there is a walk leading from the street to the east door of the chapel, which gives easy access to the lower level. If you inform the building coordinator of the time of your delivery, arrangements can be made for access to the building. This will make deliveries much easier. No deliveries may be made to the front door of the Chapel.

If you have rented equipment, it is preferred that it be picked up immediately after your event. If equipment is not going to be picked up immediately, please have it removed from the Upper Chapel and placed in the back hallway, out of sight. Kanley Memorial Chapel is not responsible for the security of any equipment.


Guests may park in front of Kanley Memorial Chapel in the Sangren parking lot (#49). If the Sangren lot happens to be full, guests may park by Henry Hall (lots #68 and 69) or the Siebert Administration Building (lot #80). If you have further questions regarding parking, please contact WMU Parking Services at (269) 387-4609. Maps can be provided by the Kanley Chapel staff.


The Upper Chapel has 34 pews, 17 on each side, which seat approximately 300 guests. Any flower arrangements or decorations used on the pews must be secured with either covered wire or pins. No adhesive materials of any type are allowed.

Pipe Organ

We offer a Kanley Memorial Chapel staff organist can play the organ at all events at which the organ is desired. If the staff organist is not available, he or she will select another qualified organist. It is your responsibility to contact the staff organist (contact information available through the building coordinator), and to inform him or her of any other musicians or soloists you plan to use for your event.

The staff organist will be happy to discuss all aspects of your music selection for your ceremony. You must notify him her at least 30 days before the event if you plan on using the organ. The organist's fee is to be paid on the night of the rehearsal. It is recommended that you make contact with the staff organist as soon as you have returned your reservation form to the building coordinator.

Public Address System

A public address system is available at no extra charge, but the building coordinator must be notified beforehand if you plan to use it. We provide one wireless microphone, two wired hand-helds and a CD/tape deck. However, if you plan on using CDs or tapes, it is your responsibility to supply the person to run the system. You may come in early to test the equipment. Contact the building coordinator to set up an appointment.


There are two rooms available for a reception, should you wish to have one following your event: the Social Room and the Dialogue Center. The kitchen rental includes the use of all available equipment. You are responsible for all broken dishes and providing your own dishtowels, tablecloths, dish soap, etc. You are asked to leave rooms in order, so they will be ready for the next group who wishes to use them. Please inform your caterer of this regulation. Our custodian will take care of vacuuming and sweeping the floors. Any other clean-up is your responsibility. This includes putting all chairs and tables away that have been arranged. The furniture in the Social Room cannot be removed. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Religious Officiant

The selection of a minister, rabbi or other religious official is your responsibility. If you need suggestions, the building coordinator has a listing of community clergy available when your reservation form is received.


Three rooms are available for rental: the Upper Chapel, Social Room and Dialogue Center. The Upper Chapel seats approximately 300 guests. The Social Room will hold 50 to 70 guests (standing) or 35 maximum for a sit-down dinner. The Dialogue Center will hold 60 to 70 guests (standing) or 30 for a sit-down dinner. The Dialogue Center is available at no extra charge for photos during your reserved time.

Western Michigan University policy states that no alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the building. In addition, the Chapel is non-smoking. Rice is not permitted to be thrown inside or outside. Birdseed is allowed outside only.