Congratulations to Senior Gyasi Gambrell and Junior Nick Hammond, this year's Homecoming Royalty! Voting and elections will re-open during the 2020 academic year.


Register your team

Team Registration will open closer to next year's Homecoming (2020)! Three people minimum are required to form a team.

Homecoming Week Events

The following events occurred during Homecoming Week 2019, and may be repeated during the 2020 academic year, with potential variations:


Breakfast of Champions

Our Homecoming team will be tabling at various locations across campus to provide information about Homecoming (and free breakfast)! Stop by throughout the week if you're curious (or hungry).


Paddle Battle

Paddle Battle is one of the most popular Homecoming Events and promotes friendly competition on campus. Students get into teams of three and participate in a tug of war competition in the water using paddle boats. This is usually the first event in our Homecoming Week lineup!


3 on 3 Basketball

3 on 3 Basketball is an event where teams of three compete in a giant basketball tournament.  Each round teams are eliminated until only two teams are left to fight for the 3 on 3 trophy.  It’s a great way to get away from the stress of classes and enjoy yourself.


Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday is a tradition that is held almost every week on campus where Bronco Spirit is spread through activities on campus with the goal of bringing students together.  The Homecoming Team will be partnering with WSA to bring Western Wednesday to the flagpoles. There will be music, free items, and information about how to get involved on campus.


Say What? Karaoke

Groups of friends can sign up to compete an amazing Karaoke contest.  The judges will give each team a score to see who moves on to the next round. The team who wins the third round will get the trophy!  This is your chance to showcase your awesome (or not so awesome) singing and dancing skills.


Block Party

 Block Party is an event where all of campus comes together to get in the Homecoming spirit and enjoy food, games, music, giveaways and more. There will be lots of booths for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to interact with students. 


Note: Applications for the Homecoming Court are now closed. If you have any questions, please visit the Bronco Bash/Homecoming Website (and navigate to the "Homecoming" tab).