Thank you for all the good vibes during the 2023 Homecoming season. Make sure to check back for more information about the 2024 Homecoming schedule!


Applications for Homecoming Court have closed for 2023.

Benefits Include:

  • Care packages for all eight Court members
  • Participate in engaging events (ex. Alumni tailgate) 
  • Represent your RSO, Greek chapter, Department, etc. 
  • $500 scholarship for our winners (Homecoming Royalty) 
  • Class rings will be awarded to our winners (Sponsored by Josten's)

Spirit Week Events


Homecoming Game Parade of Flags

The Parade of Flags is a WMU Homecoming tradition that provides a colorful display of the University’s diverse international and indigenous diversity at Waldo Stadium just prior to the kickoff of the Homecoming football game. It features some of the University's more than 1,850 international students from approximately 100 nations, carrying flags of their home countries across the football field.

All students of the university are welcome to register to hold a flag. Flag bearers and other guests will gather at Kanley Track at noon for the pre-game set-up festivities. At this time, attendees will be able to enjoy complimentary food and assemble their flags for the parade.  

Participants may indicate a specific country or indigenous group they want to represent at the parade. Each flag holder will have an assigned space for the parade and those holding indigenous flags will be located next to the individual holding the flag from the region the indigenous group resides.  

Flags are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis with one per country/group. 

You can register here: https://wmich.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/607354 

Flags that will be at the event 

  1. Recognized by the United Nations (UN). 
  2. The US Government must recognize it for visa purposes. 
  3. Flag of constituent parts of U.N. member countries, for example: Scotland or Wales. 
  4. Tribal or indigenous flags that represent the culture of the student carrying the flag 

The Parade of Flag Procedures: 

  1. If you want to participate, you need to apply through ExperienceWMU. Candidates from the nation in which they are applying take precedence in the application process and the application for international students will open one week prior to that of domestic students.  
  2. The flags that are held are represented by one person per country/group. 
  3. All flag-holders must act appropriately and with respect. Flags will not touch the ground out of respect for every country and group.  
  4. If there is an issue or if you have a complaint, please contact the Office of Student Engagement via this email: Wayne.L.bond@wmich.edu.  
  5. Flag holders and other volunteers will gather at Kanley Track to rehearse at Noon on October 14th.   




Contact ose-campusengage@wmich.edu for more information. See you at the football game on October 14th!