Concentration in K-12 Teacher Leader

Program description

This concentration is for Michigan certified teachers who would like to earn the TL (Teacher Leader) endorsement along with a master’s degree. It involves the completion of 33-36 graduate credits.

Program requirements

Required Foundation of Practice Courses (12-15 hours)

  • ES 6330—Education and Human Flourishing | Credits: 3 hours
  • ES 6340—Culture and Politics of Educational Institutions | Credits: 3 hours
  • ED 6010—Introduction to Research in Educational Settings | Credits: 3 hours

Select either:

  • ED 6790—Capstone Research Project | Credits: 3 hours OR
  • ED 7000—Master's Thesis | Credits: 6 hours

Required Concentration Courses (21 hours)

  • ED 6360—Classroom Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching | Credits: 3 hours
  • ED 6700—Authority and Autonomy in Schooling | Credits: 3 hours
  • EDLD 6300—Data-Informed Decision-Making, Research and Evaluation | Credits: 3 hours
  • EDLD 6640—Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Leadership | Credits: 3 hours
  • EDLD 6730—Instructional Leadership and Supervision | Credits: 3 hours 
  • EDLD 6750—The Work of Teacher Leaders | Credits: 3 hours
  • EDLD 6760—How Schools Work: Organization, Finance and Legal Systems | Credits: 3 hours


For more information, please contact Dr. Jim Muchmore.