Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Opportunities within the Early Childhood Certification program

This option is for early childhood certification seekers who have extensive experience in prekindergarten classrooms prior to their PreK internship. Application must be submitted and vetted prior to the time they would expect to take their preK internship (ED 4090/4700).

ED 4090/4700: Early Childhood Seminar and Internship course objectives

Course objectives to evidence in a PLA and should be based on the Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infants and Toddlers or ECSQ for Preschoolers.

  • Create supportive environments for playful, engaging learning.
  • Learning to connect with families as related to care and education of each child.
  • Systematically observe and document children’s strengths & needs. Use child observation and other data to plan.
  • Use developmentally effective approaches for guiding children’s behaviors.
  • Teach through social interactions and other intentional teaching strategies.
  • Build & utilize meaningful curriculum to increase child growth in varied developmental/academic areas.
  • Recognize professional role in early childhood community.

View examples of ways to document course objectives.


  1. Interested individuals must be in good academic standing in the Early Childhood Education Program leading to the ZS endorsement for Elementary certification.
  2. Candidates will be asked to interview with early childhood education faculty members to determine fit for the PLA process. Please review these interview questions to determine if you have appropriate experiences.
  3. Contact Lori Farrer to discuss your desire to be considers for PLA be eligible for PLA credits and to talk through the process.
  4. If you are deemed an appropriate candidate for the PLA process, you will be required to complete a non-credit portfolio development course, and submit your completed portfolio within that course. Please review courses and course’s learning outcomes for which you wish to apply.