Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Opportunities within the Teacher Development Certificate program

This option is for educators who desire to be in-house trainers in their school districts and have engaged in intensive professional development in their district.

ED 5020: Curriculum Workshop – Racial Equity

Course objectives to evidence in a PLA are based on the ED 5020 Curriculum Workshop.

Teachers, supervisors and administrators in selected school systems will develop programs for curriculum improvement to increase racial equity. This may include short-term offerings to resolve a particular equity problem, as well as long-range curriculum studies on equity.

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PLA process and application

  1. Interested individuals must be enrolled in the Teacher Development Graduate Certificate program.
  2. Candidates must participate in a  racial equity learning community sponsored by WMU or their school district.
  3. Contact Regena Nelson to discuss your desire to be considered for PLA credits and to talk through the process.
  4. If you are deemed an appropriate candidate for the PLA process, you will be required to complete a non-credit portfolio development course, and submit your completed portfolio within that course. Please review the courses and course learning outcomes for which you wish to apply.