Covid-19 Student Resources


Distance Learning

Distance learning can present challenges for you as a student, as well as faculty and staff. However, it can also present unique opportunities to learn and collaborate in new ways. Reach out to your faculty, staff and peers for support and check out the campus resources available through E-Learning.

WMU's eLearning assistance

Tips for Remote Learning: 

  • Set a routine/ritual for coursework. Tell those that you live with your schedule or have some type of signal, like holiday lights,  that show that you're not to be disturbed.
  • Pomodoro technique - helps if you can't get started as you just have to focus on your task for a set span of minutes.  There are cheap/free apps available by Google search. For example: set it to work 25 minutes, then break 5 mins, then every couple of sets, you get a 30 min break. Please remember the breaks are just as important as the work.
  • Pajamas are great, but if you need an extra boost, get dressed. This signals your brain that its time to work.
  • Stay hydrated and when that break comes around to give your eyes rest too!
  • Headphones and sound control: find that special music that helps you with productivity.



Student part-time or remote jobs:

Handshake is also being updated with jobs:



The staff and faculty of counseling services at Sindecuse Health Center have compiled lists of resources, video links, and smartphone apps to support mental health. Please share these resources with any student, faculty or staff members who could benefit from ready access to these resources:

Online mental health resources