Public Health MiTransfer Pathway

Public Health - MiTransfer Pathway

Western Michigan University welcomes transfer students from participating community colleges in Michigan to follow the public health pathway. Transfer students are encouraged to complete the courses listed below. Confirm your community college courses on the MiTransfer equivalency matrix or Western's transfer equivalency database

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1000)
  • Introduction to Sociology (SCO 1000)
  • Introduction to Public Health (PH 2310)
  • Community Health (HVS 3700)
  • Personal Health/Wellness (HOL 1000 or HPHE 1110)
  • Nutrition (FSC 2660)

A total of 81 (51 public health core, 12 cognate, and 18 emphasis area) course credits are required for the Public Health program. Visit our Public Health page to learn more. 

Emphasis (Minimum 18 credits)

Public Health allows students to pursue a minor to broaden the effectiveness of holding a public health degree. Students are encouraged to hold one of the following:

  • An applicable minor:
    - Addiction Studies 
    - Communication 
    - Event Management 
    - Gerontology 
    - Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness 
    - Nonprofit Leadership

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