New mobile app tracks road hazards for runners, walkers and cyclists

BikeableRoute is a new mobile app that allows users to inform local authorities about hazards on the road and at the same time, keep track of their daily exercise. It was developed as part of research grant from the Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities led by Professors Ala Al-Fuqaha (Computer Science, PI), Jun Oh (Civil and Construction Engineering, Co-PI) and Valerian Kwigizile (Civil and Construction Engineering, Co-PI). The study is designed to build and experiment with an intelligent software system, collecting anonymous data about walking, running and cycling routes. It is not a commercial product yet and the app will be customized based on feedback from users participating in the study.

Users can select from a list of most common hazards on the road and report it to the app. They also can track their route, including duration, speed, date and time. The app also features a “Heatmap” that allows users to evaluate which potential route is safest for biking and walking.

“This research is part of our mission to serve our local community through engaging undergraduate and graduate student in interdisciplinary research that aims to promote the quality of life in the local community,” said Al-Fuqaha.

The project was supported by a grant from the Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities and funded by the US Department of Transportation. It can be downloaded at