TRCLC Partnership Survey

The Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities (TRCLC) aims to address the nation's critical transportation challenges through the prism of livable communities. The Center’s primary goal is to improve affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation options for conventionally underserved communities with special attention paid to non-motorized travel, pedestrian and bicycle safety, job accessibility and 'smart' transport technologies. An important part of the TRCLC mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for public agencies, industry, academics and interest groups to inform and collaborate with the Center to achieve this goal. Toward this end, we ask that you complete the following short (approximately ten minute) questionnaire. Your responses will help us:

  1. convey basic information about the TRCLC including its goals and activities;
  2. grow new partnerships by connecting you (and/or your) institution with relevant Center activities; and
  3. evaluate and improve existing partnerships for those who have already engaged in Center activities.

Important: This is a confidential survey. No personally identifiable information will be shared with external entities. Your responses will be combined with those of many others and summarized in reports to protect anonymity.

First and last name of the person who is completing this survey (i.e., the survey respondent).
Professional title (e.g., senior planner) of the survey respondent.
Name of the institution that the survey respondent is representing.
City in which the institution is located.
State in which the institution is located.
Email of survey respondent.
Telephone number of respondent and/or institution.
This survey will help us better understand how partner organizations have collaborated with the TRCLC.
What types of transportation activities do you and/or your institution carry out? Check all that apply.
TRCLC hopes to better understand the issues that are most of concern to its partner institutions. Select all of the topics that are of interest to your institution.
The TRCLC's primary goal is to develop capacities to identify, cultivate and sustain inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral partnerships in order to meaningfully frame and address transportation problems that stifle the development of livable communities. We want your ideas as to how we can better achieve this goal.

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