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What is WMUx?

The landscape of higher education is evolving rapidly, and opportunities to create flexible, engaging, and diverse experiences for learners are abundant. Human-centered connections and thoughtfully designed courses are crucial to delivering excellent academic experiences, but change can be daunting, overwhelming, or frustrating. That's where WMUx comes in.

As a resource for and a partner to the university and our community, WMUx provides a foundation for growth as we build the future of learning together.

WMUx exists to collaboratively imagine, design, and realize ideas that transform and enhance the learning experience.





WMUx is driven by a vision of the future. We strive to define what academic innovation looks like by exploring teaching methodologies, how technology is incorporated into learning, and what types of support instructors need to succeed. WMUx embraces discovery by testing new ideas, taking risks, and finding inventive solutions that meet the individual needs of those we serve.





WMUx acts as a catalyst for change by utilizing creative methods to approach challenges and solve problems. We work with our partners to identify opportunities and brainstorm customized solutions to meet specific needs. Our internal experts leverage the latest research and data analytics on teaching and learning to drive decision-making as we collaboratively design excellent academic experiences.





WMUx drives results. We connect ideas to intentionally designed processes that transform thoughts into action. How? Through collaboration. WMUx cultivates thriving relationships and connections within both our internal and external communities by forming inclusive teams that break down barriers to provide our partners with the resources and support they need.