Market Research Services

The WMUx Market Research Team offers custom services that will help you reach your unique goals. We combine your knowledge and our market research expertise to take your project to the next level at every stage.

Title: Survey Services

Survey Services

Survey Services

  • Survey Consultations

    Survey Training

    Work one on one with our team to understand survey creation and best practices for a current or future project.

    Pre-Launch Survey Design Review

    Sit one on one with us or send us your survey. We can help with survey question types, wording, logic and more!

  • Survey Creation

    Survey Design

    Our survey design starts with understanding your end goals and then formulating questions that give measurable results. 

    Survey Programming

    Programming means getting your questions into the survey software (Qualtrics) that allows you to easily distribute and analyze the results. This service includes doing any open-ended coding, data weighting, logic, and look and feel aspects. 

  • Survey Findings

    Survey Analysis

    Getting the most out of each response means we look at your survey results from every angle. We ensure the data is clean and ran through multiple statistical tests to help you determine significant findings. 

    Survey Reporting

    Survey data is transformed by our team into easy-to-understand visuals and insights that can serve to unify a team's knowledge and ignite change.

Title: General Research Services

General Research Services

More Services

  • Research Consultations

    Design the research strategy that fits your goals by working one on one with us to evaluate all your options.

  • Data Collection

    Market trends can be key to your research and that is why we collect data on the labor market, secondary education field, and competition. We offer 30-minute working sessions where you can look through our data bases or start a full project with us to look at outside sources.

  • Interviews and Focus Groups

    Gather first-hand experiences with your target audience.

  • Text Analysis

    Discover meaningful insights from interviews, focus groups, and/or survey statements without reading through blocks of texts.  We do this by coding the data and running it through our text analysis software. You’ll receive a customized report, including data tables and visualizations.

  • Market Trends Reporting

    Market trends data is transformed by our team into easy-to-understand visuals and insights that can serve to unify a team's knowledge and ignite change.


Market research is just as much art as it is science!   

When approaching research, we look beyond the numbers and take a holistic view to paint the most accurate picture of your project.

Our Approach

  • Our Approach



What challenges are you facing? What aspirations do you have? We will comprehensively evaluate your project from all angles to discover unknown insights that will put you on the path to achieving your goals.




Reduce your risk and time spent implementing new ideas. We collaborate with you to design a detailed road map for re-evaluating existing content, testing possible solutions, and refining research goals.



Getting you the most accurate information possible for a successful project is our priority. We will reassess needs, ask more questions, and keep you updated on the status of your project. This phase could also include training for your team or data walk-throughs to make sure the project runs smoothly on its own.

Title: How to get Started

  • How To Get Started

Start a project

  • Start a project by filling out our brief website form to tell us your general research idea. We will be notified immediately.

  • Data consultations are offered as 30-minute working sessions to help you get an idea of what data we have on your topic.

  • Survey support is offered as a 30-minute working session one on one with you to help you overcome any survey hurtles.

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