Top 10 Questions Parents and Families Ask

1. Does Sindecuse Health Center participate with my insurance company?

Sindecuse Health Center is a participating provider for many major insurance companies. Please review information regarding insurance billing and participation at our insurance participation page, or call our insurance department at (269) 387-4219. 

2. If my student is being treated for a medical concern, will Sindecuse staff manage continuing treatment?

Yes, our clinic will coordinate with your primary care clinician to continue treatments. We are ready to manage health concerns like ADHD, diabetes, depression, anxiety and physical therapy among many.

Before your student arrives, review information on our website and make arrangements to have your student’s medical records transferred to Sindecuse Health Center. Planning ahead will make the transition that much easier.

3. Will you administer allergy injections?

Allergy injections are given by a nurse at the health center by appointment. Please contact the health center at (269) 387-3287 for more details about initiating treatment.

4. Where can my child go to get the meningitis vaccine or a flu shot?

Meningitis and influenza vaccines, as well as other immunizations, are given by our nurses by appointment during regular health center hours.

5. Where can my child go for emergency medical help when the health center is closed?

There are several immediate care facilities and two major hospitals in the area. For after-hours emergency care call:

6. Do you fill outside prescriptions or sell over-the-counter medications?

Our pharmacy offers prescription drugs that may be ordered by our medical staff or your family clinician. Prescriptions may also be transferred to Sindecuse from off-campus pharmacies. Our pharmacy carries a wide variety of over-the-counter medications including aspirin, cough medicine, vitamins and much more.

7. Is health insurance required to attend WMU?

Domestic students are required to meet minimum essential coverage requirements per the Affordable Care Act. International students are required to carry insurance that meets J1 visa minimums or other minimum coverage per the ACA plus repatriation and evacuation coverage. If you wish to purchase a student health insurance policy, the health center can help you explore your options.

8. Will I be informed about my student’s health center visits?

Visits to the health center are confidential. Our confidentiality policies are explained in detail here.

If your student is over 18 years old, he or she must fill out a release of information form at the registration desk to allow health center staff to answer your questions. We do not notify parents or guardians when their adult child visits the health center. Inquiries about medical treatment, insurance and billing concerns are all protected health information only shared with you if we have a written authorization on file.

9. What if my child is under 18?

If your student is under 18, a parent or guardian's authorization is required on a consent form before we can provide treatment, Health Center staff make every effort to contact a parent in the event of an emergency or serious illness affecting a minor child. This authorization is effective until the student turns 18.

10. Are immunizations required to attend Western Michigan University?         

No. Sindecuse Health Center strongly suggests having several immunizations before attending college. All recommended immunizations are available at the health center by appointment.