The confidentiality of your visit and your medical records are essential to providing the highest quality health care. Visits to the health center are absolutely confidential and are completely separate from the rest of your Western Michigan University records. Under penalty of law, your medical records or any information about you may only be released with your authorization, except in certain cases specified by law. Health care providers are required by law to report certain communicable diseases (e.g., measles).

Students age 18 and over may choose to allow health center staff to discuss their visits with specific people, including family members. Patients must specifically allow this communication by completing a Release of Information form.

When a student develops a reportable communicable disease, we must provide this information to the Michigan Department of Public Health. The COVID consent form signed by those seeking COVID testing outlines the communication allowed between University units.

If your hometown physician or a medical specialist you see requests a copy of your Sindecuse Health Center medical record, you must sign an authorization before we can send it.