Cashiering Policies and Procedures for Departments

General Policies

  • Cash, checks and credit card payments received by any department at the University should be deposited daily at the cashiering office. No receipts will be given. Deposits can be viewed on GLOW within 3-4 days. If the total amount of the deposit exceeds $500 in cash a public safety officer should deliver it or escort you to our office. Cash received by departments is not to be used for petty cash expenditures or to cash personal checks. All departments must ensure that adequate controls are in place for receipting and recording deposits and revenue.
  • Checks (including traveler’s checks and money orders) should be made payable to Western Michigan University and should be endorsed immediately upon receipt. Endorsement stamps are available to purchase through the Cashiering Office. All checks deposited into a department should have the fund, cost center and object code written on the front or back of the check. Checks to a banner account should have the WIN written on the front of the check.
  • If your department is expecting a wire transfer or EFT please contact the Cashiering Office to notify them of the deposit. Wire transfer instructions are available from the Cashiering Office and EFT authorizations are available through the Investment and Endowment Management Office.
  • Only reimbursements should be deposited into a 4XXX account and “reimbursement” should be noted on the check and deposit form. All other revenue should be deposited in the appropriate 8XXX account. Any gifts received should be forwarded to the WMU Foundation for processing.
  • All university monies should be deposited through the Cashiering Office. No department is permitted to maintain separate bank accounts.
  • Deposits (including any sales tax collected) reflecting the sale of tangible personal property (i.e., course packs, books, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous items) should be deposited into account 8951. A six percent sales tax will be remitted to the state of Michigan, and a corresponding six percent charge will be assessed against the department account 4620. Reimbursements for the personal use of telephones and fax machines should be deposited into account 8953. An additional six percent sales tax must be deposited into the same account. The six percent use tax will be remitted to the state of Michigan and a corresponding six percent charge will be assessed against the department in account 4621.
  • The depositing department should keep copies of their departmental deposit form and bank deposit slip if used. Deposits are viewable in the GLOW system approximately three days after being receipted in cashiering. All deposits should be recorded in the same month the money is received. Special attention must be made to record deposits during the same fiscal year they are received.

Credit Card Guidelines

  • Departments that accept credit card payments in any form must comply with Western Michigan University's Payment Card Procedures and guidelines.
  • Departments may request a merchant ID to use using the application found in the Forms tab at the left. At no time should you share your merchant id and/or your web system to accept credit cards with another department unless it has been approved by cashiering.
  • The department assumes all risks associated with accepting mail order, telephone order and delayed delivery including, but not limited to, fraudulent sales transactions. As stated in the PCI standards noted above, credit card numbers, expiration dates and any other card holder information must be housed in a secure and limited access environment. Card holder data cannot be stored. Any charge-backs and/or cardholder disputes are charged back to the department.

Departmental deposit procedures

  • Departments that regularly receive and deposit cash should have written procedures in place. They should also retain actual documents and records of transactions, including copies of deposit slips and back up information to support the transactions.
  • Departments will use the uniform Departmental Deposit Form found in the Forms tab on the left and should fill out all pertinent information. Always complete the contact person and telephone number sections. This section is important to ensure prompt processing of the deposit. Errors may result when the cashier is unable to read the information provided. Be sure that all information is written clearly.
  • Deposit slips and endorsement stamps used for bag deposits must have the department name and assigned location number on them. Please contact cashiering if you do not have these.
  • Each department orders their own deposit slips as needed. You may order by calling PNC Bank at (800) 355-8123. When ordering be sure the department name and location number are included on the new slips.

Preparation of deposit with bank deposit bags

  • All departments regularly depositing large cash and/or check amounts should be sending the deposits to cashiering in a bank deposit bag. If you have questions regarding whether or not you should be using a bag please contact cashiering.
  • Be sure to put cash and checks in separate deposit bags. PNC Bank requires that check and cash deposits be sent in separate bags. If cashiering receives a deposit with checks and cash in the same bag, the department will be asked to pick up the bag and resubmit it correctly.
  • Fill out the bank deposit slip. Include the bag number on the slip. The white copy of the slip goes into the small pocket of the deposit bag facing out so the deposit information is visible. For checks please include a calculator tape with the totals. Retain the pink copy for your records and attach the yellow copy with a second calculator tape to the departmental deposit form.
  • Fill out the front of the bag with department name, date and amount. The cash or checks go into the large pocket of the bag. Do not paper clip, rubber band or paper band the checks or currency. To securely seal the bag, remove the protective strip from the adhesive area and seal the bag. Remove the adhesive strip from the small deposit slip pocket and seal as well.
  • PNC Bank will not accept rolled coin. Coin should be included with currency.
  • Credit card batch settlement reports should be attached to the departmental deposit form.
  • Deposits consisting of cash, checks and charge cards or a combination of these can be entered on the same departmental deposit form.
  • Deposits should be dropped in the drop box outside the cashiering office or sent via public safety. The sealed bags, credit card batch settlement reports, and departmental deposit form should be bundled together. The deposit will be processed as soon as possible and will be available on GLOW approximately 3-4 days after processing. Receipts are not mailed to departments.

If you have any questions please contact the Cashiering Office at (269) 387-2952, (269) 387-2973 or (269) 387-4105.