E-Commerce and PCI


At the direction of the vice president for business and finance and the chief information officer, the Western Michigan University E-Commerce Committee was formed in Nov. 2006 to deal with the increasing decentralization of the University's business activities through the internet. Ensuring that payment information is being obtained properly and securely through the web and maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are the main purposes for this committee.

The PCI Committee is charged with:

  1. Maintaining a campus wide e-commerce solution that fits the majority of the campus needs and keeps us compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  2. Supporting and advising departments on needed actions to be in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and Western Michigan University's E-Commerce Policy.

Since then the University has brought the majority of its ecommerce into one unifying system and continues to work on maintaining PCI compliance.

If your department would like to process credit card payments online or if you have questions on PCI compliance please contact Liana Fox in cashiering at (269) 387-2952 or liana.fox@wmich.edu.

PCI Committee Members

  • Jeff Long - Director - Accounting Services
  • Liana Fox - Assistant Director - Cashiering
  • Chad Strauss - Business Systems Analyst - Business and Finance IT
  • Joan Beffel - Senior Internal Auditor - Internal Audit
  • Richard Burton - Senior Security Administrator - Information Technology