Asylum Lake in the News

Western Michigan University News:

Western Michigan UniversityApril 23, 2015—Planned Burn Scheduled at WMU's Asylum Lake Preserve

August 31, 2011—WMU Receives State Grant to Improve Asylum Lake Water Quality

June 27, 2011—AmeriCorps Team Spends Final Week Working on Kalamazoo Green Space

April 21, 2005—Needed Prescribed Burn Planned for Asylum Lake

July 28, 2004—Candidates Sought for Asylum Lake Council

April 19, 2004—Trustees Name BTR Park Road, Approve Asylum Lake Agreement

September 18, 2000—Trustees Authorize Property Purchase for Soccer Facility

January 22, 1999—WMU Picks Kalamazoo for Engineering Site, Expands Battle Creek Presence

Kalamazoo Gazette articles:

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May 1, 2015—Development of Colony Farm Orchard Would Be Good for Kalamazoo-Area Economy (Editorial)

April 22, 2015—International Migratory Bird Day Field Trip at Asylum Lake Preserve

April 15, 2015—Colony Farm Orchard Advocates Ask Oshtemo Township Board to Reconsider Supporting WMU Business Park Expansion

April 9, 2015—WMU's Colony Farm Orchard Needs Love, Not Bulldozers and Industrial Parks (Guest column)

May 2, 2012—Third Graders Get Lesson from WMU Students in Environmental Stewardship at Asylum Lake Preserve

October 21, 2011—Four-Ton Rock Dedicated to Couple Who Helped Establish Asylum Lake Preserve

October 20, 2011—Memorial to Honor Couple Who Helped Establish the Asylum Lake Preserve

October 1, 2011—Restoring Asylum Lake: Stormwater Project to End Contamination from Shopping Center

August 30, 2011— Asylum Lake Water Quality to Be Improved With Help of State Grant Awarded to Western Michigan University

August 17, 2011—Western Michigan University Uses AmeriCorps Members to Improve Kleinstuck, Asylum Lake Preserves (Letter)

June 12, 2011—Public Enemy No. 2: Invasive Dame's Rocket Joins the Pull-Worthy Ranks of Garlic Mustard

May 4, 2011—Portion of Parkview Avenue in Kalamazoo Will Be Closed to Westbound Traffic for 2 Months

January 21, 2011—Western Michigan University Officials Cite Safety Concerns for Closure of Asylum Lake Parking Lot

July 29, 2008—Get Outdoors, Get in Shape: Hit Area Trails for a Runner's High—Even If You're Not Running

July 14, 2008—Coming in August: A (canned) Beer Run at Bilbo's. Don't Forget to Bring Your Knee Socks

April 29, 2005—Controlled Burn in Kalamazoo

April 24, 2004—Disputed Land to Be Untouched: WMU, Asylum Lake Advocates Reach Agreement on Use of the 274-acre Preserve

August 09, 2003—Asylum Lake Fight: How a Battle over Open Space Nearly Stalled Kalamazoo's Economic Engine

May 13, 2003—Stalemate Persists on Asylum Lake

June 10, 2003—City Drops Plans for Asylum Lake

February 24, 2003—New Tug of War over Asylum Lake

December 21, 1999—Endowment Created for Asylum Lake

December 20, 1999—$1.3 million Committed to Asylum Lake

April 03, 1999—Mentally Ill Found a Refuge at Fair Oaks Farm

February 06, 1999—Asylum Lake Future Secured

January 08, 1999—Asylum Group Softens Stance, Can't Support Proposal

September 02, 1998—WMU Removes Asylum Lake Signs—For Now

May 14, 1998—Asylum Lake Golf Course, Loss of Pristine Space

April 03, 1998—WMU Looking at Asylum Lake for New Golf Course

March 16, 1996—WMU Planning Soccer Complex in Asylum Lake Area

March 12, 1996—New Nature Preserve Proposed near Asylum Lake

January 20, 1993—DNR to Manage Asylum Lake Land

June 11, 1993—Asylum Lake Cleanup Set for Saturday

May 12, 1993—Group Challenged WMU's Park Plans

May 05, 1993—New Book is Another Chapter for Local Lake

July 29, 1992—Park Plan Calls for Group to Press for Business Park Vote

June 21, 1992—New WMU Park Plans Encroach on Asylum Lake

April 21, 1991—Asylum Lake Threatened by Fuel Tank Leak

February 28, 1991—Asylum Lake Cleanup Urged in WMU Report

February 19, 1991—Research Park Fee to Aid Asylum Lake?

November 25, 1990—Urban Growth Threatens Area Wetlands, Wildlife

October 24, 1990—Crowd Voices Opposition to WMU Park

August 29, 1990—Asylum Lake Has History as Refuge

July 23, 1990—Boy Scouts to Establish Trail at Asylum Lake

May 25, 1990—Man Raises Concerns About WMU Park Plan

June 21, 1984—Condominium Construction Begins near Asylum Lake

June 22, 1982—City Seeks Accord with WMU on Asylum Lake Sewer

November 22, 1981—Apartment Developers Work to Stop Erosion

May 08, 1979—Asylum Lake Area Saved for Public's Recreation

October 27, 1976—Asylum Lake Property Transferred to WMU

March 18, 1975—Asylum Lake Park Use Bill to Be Introduced

November 28, 1974—Asylum Lake Group Not Giving Up

November 27, 1974—No "Giveaway" at Asylum Lake

October 16, 1974—Asylum Lake Petition Drive Set Saturday

October 14, 1974—Asylum Lake Group Plans to Organize

October 03, 1974—Asylum Lake Use as Park Supported

October 01, 1974—Asylum Lake Future to Be Discussed

September 01, 1974—Asylum Lake Area "Available"

September 01, 1974—Asylum Lake Area Labeled Haven for Vandals

July 24, 1974—Welborn Will Seek Asylum Lake Park Area

June 25, 1974—Asylum Lake Land Target of City, County

September 13, 1973—Park at Asylum Lake Backed

July 27, 1973—Planners Discuss Future of Asylum Lake Area

October 19, 1910—Underground Tunnel for the Colony Farm, Patients to Use It