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Junior Year

At this point, you are a full-fledged Bronco, and now is the time when your life at WMU and your future plans really begin to take shape. As you hone your leadership skills and take advantage of the various opportunities for growth—both academic and personal—don’t forget you’re surrounded by all the resources you need to shape the future of your dreams.

Academic planning

By now you probably have a strong sense of what direction you want to take and are looking for ways to build your resume with related experiences. There is still time to take advantage of the WMU Signature program, applying what you have learned in the classroom so far to real-world problems. 

Consider a thesis, capstone or practicum experience

For most WMU students real-world experience is a valuable component of their Bronco education—93% had one or more resume-worthy learning experiences (2021-22 Career Outcomes Report). While options and experiences vary by major, now is the time to make a plan and talk to your advisor about:  

  • Research and creative activity experiences—Work alongside faculty on scholarly activities in the laboratory, classroom, field and studio.

  • Honors thesis projects—Each honors student works with one of our nationally and internationally known expert faculty on an original piece of research or creative activity. 

  • Capstone experiences—These are designed so students can extend and apply the knowledge gained throughout their studies. Majors that require capstone projects include:

Not sure what you want to do? Access more than 8,000 opportunities, across the country and right here on campus, including conferences, research opportunities, journals for publishing student work and other funding opportunities through the Student Opportunity Center.

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Are you on track to graduate?

While it may feel like graduation is still a ways away, this year you will finalize your Degree Works plan and apply to graduate. Working with your advisor, you should complete and submit an Application for Graduation Audit form approximately one year prior to your anticipated graduation date or once you have completed 88 credit hours. Applying early is important as it will help you plan out your remaining requirements with less chance of delaying your degree completion. 

Career development

Plan and prepare

Give yourself a head start before approaching the job market:

Life after WMU

There are a lot of options for where you go next—work, graduate school, a fellowship. Here are some resources to help as you determine which path makes the most sense for you:

Personal growth

Health and wellness

With increasing academic demands and more considerations for the future, this part of your college experience can be trying. There are tools to help you cope and avoid burnout. Be well, Bronco!

Wellness tech

Whether it's getting to sleep the night before a big exam, finding a way to ease your stress or changing the way you think about the world—you're not alone. Several useful online tools can guide you through life's toughest moments or everyday stressors.


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Buster’s Bucket List

Be sure to make time to try something new!

Plan for the future

  • It’s almost time for the final steps of your undergraduate journey! As you start your countdown to graduation and check items off your Bronco Bucket List, remember there’s still time to discover something new.