Bronco Spotlight: Samantha Sandler

Image of Samantha Sandler

Bachelors of Arts, English, rhetoric and writing studies, 2015

Current Job Title:

Marketing Copywriter

Current Employer:


Describe your current job:

I work as a marketing copywriter for an ad tech startup. I create content for marketing materials, articles, and company blog posts.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of this journey is contributing to a booming industry and seeing my work come to life. The most challenging part is that I'm a newbie in the industry; I knew nothing about the different types of advertising for mobile apps or the process of implementing ad campaigns for mobile. I have had to learn about the tech industry along the way, an industry completely foreign to me, but while it has been challenging, being exposed to something so new has been rewarding in itself.

If you had a campus job or internship, how did they impact your career development?

Over the course of my academic career I completed five internships. While it was a lot of work, upon starting the interview process I was able to provide potential employers a portfolio, relevant references, and general experience in my desired field. Experience outside of the classroom will rank you higher on the list compared to competitor applicants without that experience. With internship experience, not only will you feel confident to enter the workplace, but your employer will have more confidence in you, too.

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours?

If you want a job as a writer, you need a portfolio--preferably one outside of just academic writing samples. For example, if you're not pursuing a career writing research papers about a topic of your choice, it's probably not going to be a strong portfolio piece. Choose pieces that demonstrate your personality and style rather than regurgitation.

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