Broncos Who Found Their Fit

  • Bronco Spotlight: Benedicta Akyaamah

    "Whatever you can do to help your society/state/cities, please do! Especially for those in remote areas. They need you."

    More about Benedicta
  • Bronco Spotlight: Allie Renner

    "Maintaining relationships with choreographers and professionals that inspire you is incredibly important. Our performing arts world is small, and you don't want to burn any bridges."

    More about Allie
  • Bronco Spotlight: Melanie Hight

    "People are everything! Creating personal relationships with people in your field is incredibly important. Networking is absolutely key."

    More about Melanie
  • Bronco Spotlight: Francisco Jose Hernandez Micheli

    "Follow what your heart tells you. Don't try to choose a career path to satisfy your parents. This is a decision that belongs to you. Go for your passion, go for whatever you believe you can excel at." 

    More about Francisco
  • Bronco Spotlight: Melinda Andrews

    "After all my involvement with dance marathon I realized that I wanted to do something that helped kids. I also wanted to do something that would make a difference with others."


    More about Melinda

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Arts and Sciences

Reza Aditya Saputra, communication, 2019

Benedicta Akyaamah, applied economics, 2019

Ida Marie Acantara, statistics, 2020

Esther Amoako, geography, 2020

Melinda Andrews, psychology, 2020

Nikhol Atkins, spirituality, culture, and health, 2018

Karl Backhaus, geosciences, 2018

Maurissa Baker, communication, 2018

Michael Berghoef, sociology, 2019

Nolan Bergstrom, geography, 2020

Tirrea Billings, communication, 2020

Angga Bismoko, applied economics, 2019

Abbie Bristol, biology, 2019

Jaclyn Brohl, criminal justice and sociology, 2019

Dillon Buckland, organizational communication, 2015

Chelsea Butcher, biomedical science, 2015

Cody Boldt, biomedical sciences, 2018

Elle Burgess, general psychology, 2016

Kyle Caldwell, communication, 1991

Jeff Carroll, health care administration, 2014

Taja Cato-Jackson, communications; gender and women's studies, 2016

Nick Christo, mathematics, 2019

Randi Chylinski; film, video and media studies, 2014

Taylor Clifton, creative writing, 2018

Ciara Coleman, nonprofit leadership and administration, 2015

Jacob Culver, statistics, 2020

Bryan Currie, geosciences, 2015

Alexandrea Davisrhetoric and writing studies, and environmental and sustainability studies; 2018

Mary Sajini Devadas, chemistry, 2012

Javon Dobbs, public administration, 2016

Christianna Dolph, public relations, 2015

Jamie Doonan, English: creative writing, 2020

Lauren Doorlag, public relations, 2010

Marquin Evans, applied behavior analysis, 2020

Eliza Foli, biology, 2019

Alexis Frazier, psychology, 2019

Roxana Gamble, Spanish and anthropology, 2014

Justin Gish, science education, 2017

Beau Haag, geosciences, 2020

James Hentig, biology, 2016

Brett Hershey, English, 2010

Samantha Hooker, English, 2019

Rossy Hughes, international development administration, 2020

Stephen Jacobson, chemistry, 2000

Mohammed Al Janahi, public affairs and administration, 2020

Amanda Jeppesen, English and Spanish, 2014

Tori Juenemann, public relations, 2014

Sita Karki, geosciences, 2019

Shannon Kelly, organizational communication, 2015

Doug Keto, hydrogeology, 2018

Elisabeth King, French and global and international studies, 2016

Cayla Klimach, criminal justice, 2018

Haylee Knowles, public administration, 2018

Katrina Koehler, physics, 2019

Nicole Kragt, organizational communication, 1999

Alexis Lenderman, global and international studies; entrepreneurship, 2019

Alex LaPorte, geography, 2018

Matthew Lawrence, political science and organizational communication, 2010

George Lluberes, political science, 2017

Autumn Lucerk, behavioral science, 2017

Billy Madej, public relations, 2012

Elijah Meert, applied mathematics, 2018

Sarah Montgomery-Richards, comparative religion, 2003

Cody Morris, psychology, 2019

Angelo Negrito, biomedical science, 2018

Stephen Nehring, geography, 2017

Arlene Nelson-Donders, communication, 2006

Whitney Newberry, geography, 2018

Brittany Opal Kobeck, criminal justice, 2020

Elizabeth Palmer, geological and environmental science, 2018

Amanda Pastroff, psychology, 2017

Brigetta Phillips-Freeman, criminal justice, 2018

Lisa Pratt; spirituality, culture, and health; 2019

Lexus Ramsey, communication studies, 2015

Adam Rayes, journalism, 2019

Lissette Reyes, international development administration, 2018

Sam Roodbar, geography, 2018

Samantha Sandler, English, 2015

Chris Sell, organizational communication and English, 2007

Florence Silalahi, geological and environmental studies, 2019

Alaa Sleymann, biomedical science, 2020

Sheridan Steelman, English, 2017

Jenny Steiner, organizational communication, 2009

Ateeb Akhter Shah Syed, applied economics, 2020

Megan Stanchfield, biology, 2020

Josh Starbuck, special education, 2020

Ryan Taylor, geography, 2019

Nayibe Tavares-Abel, political science and French, 2011

Alexa Telfer, Spanish, 2019

Kohei Togashi, behavior analysis, 2019

Christopher Tremblay, public relations and organizational communication, 1999

Margaret Uwayo, psychology-behavior analysis, 2019
Hannah Vinande, French, 2020
A'Janae Williams, public relations, 2019

Jasmine Vedua, biological sciences, 2018

Alexa Zmich, communication and international studies, 2015


John Bartolic, aviation flight science, 2019

Justin Bravman, aviation science and administration, 2016

Christopher Charlieraviation technical operations, 2018

Chris Desmond, aviation flight science, 2018

Melanie Hight, aviation flight science, 2019

Shelby Jordan, aviation technical operations, 2015

Anthony Leone, aviation flight science, 2017

Amy Padesky, aviation flight science, 2008

David Parks, aviation flight science, 2019

James Reif, aviation management and operations, 2019

Adam Rice, aviation flight science, 2018

Kevin Stolarskiaviation technical operations, 2017

Laura VanDonkelaar, aviation flight science, 2009


Medina Alic, integrated supply management, 2018

Blake Andrews, marketing, 2018

Caitlin Ashby, human resource management, 2018

Zach Barber, MBA, 2020

Rodney Bell, human resource management, 2020

Jade Bolden, advertising and promotion, 2019

Akshay Chawath, MBA, 2020

Avante Gilstrap, management, 2018

Rachel Batts, marketing, 2008

Olyvea Davis, advertising and promotion, 2018

Chase Dechnik, computer information systems, 2020

Mitchell Decker, integrated supply management, and environmental and sustainability studies, 2019

Trevor Brody, computer information systems, 2003

Kelly Burnssales and business marketing, 2020

Brandon Chidester, sales and business marketing, 2019

Jessica Childs, human resource management, 2018

Chyna Dandridge, sales and business marketing, 2019

Linda Crosby, MBA, 1996

Carliema Early, management, 2019

Layla Farwana, integrated supply management, 2014

Garrett Fedewa, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2020

Grant Goethals, computer information systems, 2019

Ali Gossen, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2014

Taylor Graham, advertising and promotion, 2019

Aida Gray, accountancy, 2020

Nora Guensche, advertising and promotion, 2019

Karlee Hancock, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2018

John Hayward, integrated supply management, 2020

Erika Hejl, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2019

Ryan Helm, integrated supply management, 2020

Joshua Hero, finance and management, 2019

Curtis Hinds, advertising and promotion, 2017

Timothy Johnson, management, 2018

Tyler Julien, accountancy and finance, 2020

Megan Kelly, food and consumer packaged goods marketing, 2019

Kristin Kinney, human resources management and computer information systems, 2015

Rob Koets, sales and business marketing, 2010

Kyle Krupp, finance, 2020

Rachel Larson, computer information systems and integrated supply management, 2018

Andrew Lawlor, marketing, 2019

Elaina Lee, food and consumer packaged goods marketing, 2019

Alexis Lenderman, global and international studies; entrepreneurship, 2019

Megan Loll, computer information systems, 2020

Justin Madden, accountancy, 2019

Kimberly Madsen, MBA, 2020

Ashley Mahler, advertising and promotion, 2019

Michael Manga, accountancy, 2019

Rafael Martinez, sales and business marketing, 2018

Nicholas Matich, sales and business marketing, and human resources; 2018

David Mendoza, computer information systems, 2019

Francisco Jose Hernandez Micheli, management, 2020

Jabbar Mims, accountancy, 2019

Steve Moerdyk, MBA, 2018

Edward Mulford, integrated supply management, 2018

Mary Murphy, food and consumer packaged goods marketing, 2019

Max Murphy, personal finance, 2020

Kelsey Neperund, advertising and promotion, 2018

Samantha Oleson, food and consumer packaged goods marketing, 2016

Luis Perez, computer information systems and business analytics, 2018

Victor Perez, finance, 2020

Mike Preston, MBA, 2018

Meriah Putnam, integrated supply management, 2019

Gerardo Ramos, accountancy and finance, 2020

Paul Roosa, accountancy, 2017

John Schneidenbach, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2019

Erica Sheahan, accountancy and finance, 2020

Jessica Smith, computer information systems and business, 2013

Justice Smith, advertising and promotion, 2018

Conner Stager, integrated supply management, 2020

Justin Sultini, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2020

Meredith Tarrant, food and consumer package goods marketing, 2014

Nate Timmons, finance, 2018

Madison Thurston, integrated supply management, 2020

Ian Trautman, MBA, 2019

Brennan Vaughn, sales and business marketing, 2019

Jacob Waggoner, marketing, 2019

Alexander Walter, computer information systems, 2019

Brittany Walton, advertising and promotion, 2018

Shannon Warren, MBA, 2018

Kaitlyn Watson, advertising and promotion, 2018

Brooke Wester, advertising and promotion, 2019

Sam Willard, sales and business marketing, 2018

Stephen Williams, MBA, 2017

Emily Wood, integrated supply management, 2020

Education and Human Development

Kelly Amshey, educational leadership, 2019

Justin Arnold, educational leadership, 2017

Andrea Blohm, textile and apparel design, 2007

Stephanie Bobbitt, counselor education and supervision, 2018

Brooke Barlond, interior design, 2020

Michael Buhler, mathematics education, 2016

Adriana Cardoso Reyes, certificate in higher education student affairs, 2010

Laura Chang, graduate certificate in educational technology, 2019

Tom Christesen, educational technology, 2016

Gina Cline, coaching sport performance, 2019

Madison Cojei, elementary education, 2020

Kailynn Cummings, family studies, 2016

Dannielle Curtis, educational leadership; teaching English to speakers of other languages; 2018

Jamie Daily, special education, 2017

Christianna Dolph, textile and apparel studies, 2015

Suzanne Ehst,  English education, 2017

Adrienne Fraaza, educational leadership, 2017

Amanda Frey, counselor education, 2016

Adam Fry, physical education, 2014

Ciji Gamble, counseling psychology, 2012

Jessy Gigowsky, clinical mental health counseling, 2019

Tyler Gilland, secondary education, 2014

Peter GrosticK-12 educational leadership, 2016

Noreen Heikes, teaching, 2017

Allison Howard, elementary education, 2018

Sommer Jabbar, practice of teaching, 2019

Erin Krabill, counseling psychology, 2020

Michelle Krieger, early childhood education, 2018

Faith Lambert, child and family development, 2018

Nichole Landino, child and family development, 2016

Anastasia Lopez, educational leadership, 2013

Ayla Ludwig, counselor education, 2019

John McNeal, sport management, 2020

Tom Moore, educational leadership-educational and global leadership, 2019

Jennifer Nitzel, education and human development, 2020

Tyler Norman, exercise science, sport management, and interdisciplinary studies, 2019

Randy Ott, educational leadership, 2011

Ashley Ostrowski, fashion merchandising and public relations, 2020

Erin Patrick, educational leadership, 2014

Elkhaya Patterson, child and family development, 2017

Evan Pauken, educational leadership, 2015

Megan Pauken, educational leadership, 2013

Anthony Perez, educational leadership: higher education and student affairs, 2020

Julia Virginia Pimentel Jiménez, educational leadership, 2020

Scott Puckett, educational technology, 2011

Jonathan Pulley, educational leadership, 2018

Matt Read, sport management, 2019

Nathan Reed, dietetics, 2009

Salvador Robles-Soriano, athletic training, 2019

Steve Rudderham, organizational change leadership, 2019

Carrie Sandborn, certificate in higher education and student affairs, 2018

Trista Straube, secondary English education, 2018

Beth Szczerowski, educational leadership, 2017

Kally Taylor, organizational change leadership, 2018

Lindsey Tocco, physical education, 2017

Jill Van Hof, educational leadership, 2012

Ashley Walters, interior design, 2019

Carla Gray Weiser, organizational learning and performance, 2015

Demetria Williams, fashion merchandising, 2017

Rachel Wood, counseling psychology, secondary education, 2009

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Snehal Aglawe, electrical engineering, 2018

Mohammed Al Mayasi, chemical engineering, 2019

Aisosa Asemota, aerospace engineering, 2019

Muaaz Awan, computer science, 2019

Melissa Badovinac, engineering management technology, 2019 

Balajee Baskaran, industrial engineering, 2019

Drew Baetens, electrical engineering, 2017

Yuva Naveen Balaguru, industrial engineering, 2017

Karthik Balakrishna, electrical engineering, 2015

Subodh Ashok Bansode, electrical engineering, 2018

Kendry Bautista Mosquea, engineering management technology, 2018

Aric Beikmann, chemical engineering, 2015

Sukrut Bhandare, electrical engineering, 2016

Dustin Black, civil engineering, 2020

Alexander Boyd, manufacturing engineering technology, 2020

Geeti Borgohain, data science, 2019

Kayla Burch, aerospace engineering, 2020

Ariel Castillo, civil engineering, 2014

Tyler Chantrenne, mechanical engineering, 2016

Harshavardhan Reddy Dasari, electrical engineering, 2016

Jeromy Dobbin, mechanical engineering, 2016

Ken Domingue, aerospace engineering, 2017

Anderson Egerer, mechanical engineering, 2015

Aaron Felsenfeld, aerospace engineering, 2020

Jessica Graves, chemical engineering, 2018

Jia Guo, computer science, 2018

Brady Hostetler, chemical engineering, 2018

Abhishek Jani, industrial engineering, 2017

Vaibhav Kakumani, industrial engineering, 2018

Jennifer Komorowski, industrial engineering, 2019

Morgan Kronner, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering, 2020

Shiva Kiran Madala, industrial and entrepreneurial engineering, 2017

Denver Kuehl, aerospace engineering, 2019

Akshita Sanjay Kulkarni, electrical engineering, 2019

Ashley Lacy, engineering design technology, 2019

Erik Larson, computer engineering, 2020

Ruoxi Ma, paper and printing science, 2018

Hunter Mauk, chemical engineering, 2019

Kylee Maycroft, electrical engineering, 2015

Brian McClure, engineering management technology, 2015

David Mikovits, computer science, 2020

Miftahul Munir, electrical engineering, 2019

Prathamesh More, industrial engineering, 2018

An Nguyen, computer engineering, 2019

Andreas Quainoo, aerospace engineering, 2014

Paige Race, chemical engineering, 2019

Sagar Sable, industrial engineering, 2017

Emily Schulte, pulp and paper engineering, 2020

Dylan Scott, engineering design technology, 2019

Brandon Seager, computer science, 2018

Santhosh Shetty Huliyurdurga Thimmaraya Shetty, electrical engineering, 2016

Lakshit Shrivastava, industrial engineering, 2017

Courtney Stevens, industrial engineering, 2004

Katherine Stickels, paper engineering, 2014

Lexi Stoneburner, paper engineering, 2015

Sandino Vargas Perez, computer science, 2017

Herman Washington, mechanical engineering, 2015

Jared Winters, aerospace engineering, 2020

Sonnet Woolf, engineering design technology, 2017

Albert Wright, electrical engineering, 2018

Foster Zabel, chemical engineering, 2019

Fine Arts

David Alpert, theatre studies, 2006

Leah Barry, student integrated curriculum (studio art and art history), 2014

Tara Charvat, dance, 2018

Palou Craig, graphic design, 2020

Sadarra Fields, music education, 2016

Anthony Healy, music performance: jazz piano performance, 2016

Nicholas Johnson, graphic design, 2017

Jack Kison, theatre, 2019

Madison Liebler, art and English, 2019

Russell Matthews, music education, 2018

Lauren Lawler, music therapy, 2016

Marissa Peterson (Quivey), dance and dance studio management, 2018

John Proulx, music, 2019

Allie Renner, dance, 2020

Kaitlin Ridgway, music therapy, 2018

Leslie Roberts, art education, 2020

Ed Ryan, graphic design, 2017

Molly Sell, art education, 2020

Blaze Watson, graphic design, 2019

Amber Zundel, multimedia arts technology, 2018

Health and Human Services

Johnny Anderson III, social work, 2019

Rachel Anderson, interdisciplinary health services, and Spanish, 2019

Brianna Bolinger, nursing, 2020

Shacara Burrel, social work: interpersonal practice, 2019

Miriam Carroll-Alfano, interdisciplinary health sciences, 2018

Shana'e Clark Sobieray, audiology, 2017

Earvean Diggs, social work, 2017

Elise Drager, audiology, 2019

Jamie Dunn, social work, 2020

Devorah Glanz, speech pathology and audiology, 2011

Nancy Honse, vision rehabilitation therapy, 2017

Ashley Kargol, nursing, 2016

Laura King, occupational therapy, 2017

Channan Kositzke, nursing, 2018

Valerie Leith, criminal justice, 2012; social work, 2019

Monica Ibarra Letona, orientation and mobility, 2018

Sharon Long, interdisciplinary health sciences, 2018

Cara Masselink, occupational therapy, interdisciplinary health sciences, 2019

Katelyn Mater, nursing, 2019

Vincent Miller, addiction studies, 2018

Riley Prentice, nursing, 2018

Katherine Reeber, social work: interpersonal practice, 2019

Jaime Richardson, health services and sciences, 2020

Anne Riddering, interdisciplinary health sciences, 2016

Taylor Sayers, social work, 2020

Seth Spitzley, public health, 2020

Tiye' Taylor, social work, 2019

Joshua Thelen, social work, 2019

Teodora Vecerdi, interdisciplinary health services, 2018

Joško Vukušić, social work, 2017

Taylor Young, social work, 2020

University Studies

Mary-Claire Cotner, university studies, 2015

Ray Dixon, university studies, 2019

Sunshine Handley,  university studies, 2017

Remy Munyabera, interdisciplinary studies with concentration public  relations and French, 2016

Kevin White, university studies, 2020

Shanette Wilson, university studies, 2020