Bronco Spotlight: Reza Aditya Saputra

Bronco Spotlight: Reza Aditya Saputra

Master of Arts in communication, 2019

Public Relation Officer at National Standardization Agency of Indonesia

My main job as a public relation officer at National Standardization Agency of Indonesia is to take care of and handle all the social media that we have in our organization, from creating the content to planning the future strategy. I also became the representative of our organization for the communication and marketing group at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Besides that, with the team, I also handle the meeting between our organization with the ministry in Indonesia and also the parliament. 

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

As a public relation officer, the most rewarding yet the most challenging part is when I meet new people. When you introduce yourself to others as a public relation officer, it is immediately becoming a challenging situation because you need to create good communication and connection with them as you represent the organization that you work for. When you succeed to create a good connection and communication with others, especially new people that you meet, it becomes a rewarding moment.

Which of your skills had the biggest impact on your success?

I’ve been interested in communication since the young age. When I was in high school, I already did a lot of MC-ing and an internship as a radio announcer in my hometown. After that, I always tried to develop my communication skills especially my public speaking abilities. I might say that my public speaking is one of my skills that had the biggest impact on my career life. 

What advice do you have for students looking for their career after college?

Be confident with yourself and always try to develop the skill that stands out the most in you, because it will help you reach your success. Also, never doubt yourself and always believe that you can be what you want to be.

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