Bronco Spotlight: Megan Stanchfield

Bachelor of Science in biological Sciences; Master of Science in biology, 2020


Graduate Student at Vanderbilt University

I am a PhD student in the department of cell and developmental biology. It’s a very rigorous program, but my time and mentors at WMU prepared me well to face the challenges I’m presented with today.

What experiences impacted the choice of your career path?

Working as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Cindy Linn’s lab introduced me to biomedical research and provided me with invaluable mentorship and career experience. Starting in Dr. Linn’s lab, I was planning to pursue a career in the medical field and this experience opened my eyes to the world of research. 

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours?
Take every opportunity you can to do research, be committed to your research and your academics equally, and keep going until you reach your goals! Science is a process riddled with failure, and perseverance is key.