Bronco Spotlight: Jonathan Pulley

Photo of Jonathan Pulley

Master of Arts in educational leadership, 2018

Portfolio Associate at Kellogg Foundation 

I manage grant proposals, budgets and grant portfolios, oversee program operations contracts and manage administrative tasks. 

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is that I am able to see how grant making has a huge influence on the field that I am interested in. I want to get a better understanding about education and education systems, and how they impact people. This is an area that will allow me to be able to see how the private and nonprofit sector work. It is rewarding for me to be able to read over proposals that organizations submit on their approach on impacting children and families within education systems. I am able to use my creative philosophy and expertise about education to help impact the field on the advancement of education and promote equal access and opportunity for underprivileged populations. The most challenging part of the job is that I originally got my degree in educational leadership with a focus on higher education and student affairs as I thought I would be at a college or university.  This opportunity exposed me to the world of philanthropy. Something that was a challenge to me was the fact that I didn't have much work experience outside of colleges and universities. It is valued in the field to have content knowledge in a practical and applicable way. Another thing that is challenging about my job is utilizing and navigating our grant making and payment systems for grants. 

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