Bronco Spotlight: Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott

Bachelor of Science in engineering design technology, 2019

Project Manager at Comau

Controlling the scope of multi-million dollar projects. Coordinating groups of people to achieve our projects goal. Our projects involve integrating assembly lines for cars. 

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

Being able to adapt at any given time for unpredictable circumstances and having to make decisions to fix these circumstances. 

What activities, resources, or people helped you prepare for your career?

Going through the College of Engineering really helped me. I learned to deal with large workloads. All of the tools and programs we had access to and used during my time at Western prepared me for my career. I now use and see almost every software we used in school every day at work. People that helped me would be Dr. Choudhury and Dr. Aller, thanks for your help. 

What advice do you have for students?

Wrap yourself around good friends and form study groups and work sessions. It really takes the stress off of college when you can laugh and have people to lean on. Don’t let work overwhelm you, don’t be afraid to take a break from studying and go relax. Lastly don’t leave work until the last day. 

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