Bronco Spotlight: Danialle Baumgardner

Photo of Danialle Baumgardner

Bachelor of Fine Arts in product design, 2021

Advanced Color and Materials Creative Designer at Stellantis

The color and materials team brings the individual personality to vehicles. We focus on all interior and exterior colors along with materials (such as the seats), and various material finishes. The most rewarding part of the job is being able to see your work all over the world. People express their love for their vehicle, and I enjoy being able to give a vehicle a personality that those people are able to identify with.

Which of your skills had the biggest impact on your success?

Flexibility. Be open to different ideas and approaches. You have to not limit yourself to only your strong skills and embrace the weaker ones to strengthen them. 

What advice would you offer students to help them decide on a career path?

If you find yourself being distracted by certain topics or hobbies that’s where you should study. Why work a 9-5 that feels like burdensome work?

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