Bronco Spotlight: Carsen Boyd

Photo of Carsen Boyd

Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary health services, 2020

Marketing Associate at SunMed

I work alongside the Product Management Team focusing on where our products fall in the market, and how we compete with competitors. I support the sales teams with conversions from competitor products to ours. 

What experiences impacted the choice of your career path?

I completed my senior year internship in a hospital during COVID. That is when I realized you don't need to be involved with the hospital itself to make a huge impact on patient care. There are multiple different avenues that still help people and the community. 

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours? 

It truly is about the connections you make and how you market yourself. Just because you don't have the degree a certain position desires, doesn't mean that you aren't capable of doing the work. Take the chance on yourself, the worst thing someone could say is "no". 

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