Bronco Spotlight: Timothy Johnson

Photo of Timothy Johnson

Bachelor of Business Administration in management, 2018

Analyst II at Bayer Healthcare 

At Bayer, I serve cross-functionally on three teams: processing rebates for government Medicaid programs, managing contract membership for Bayer's radiology business, and managing retail-facing contract pricing of Bayer's consumer healthcare portfolio. I also serve on a few different teams experimenting various continuous improvement measures to make our internal and external processes better. 

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

In my job, every day presents new opportunities to exercise my analytical skills. I love identifying a problem that I know how to solve and exploring ways to improve on the occurrence of systematic 'pain points' which can cause problems in the processes our teams interact with. After being at Bayer for just three months as a full-time employee, my ability to recognize problems and use the tools available to me is something that I value very much. A challenging part of my job is understanding how to balance three independent sets of responsibility while volunteering myself to help support other initiatives in the organization. Prioritizing tasks is always difficult as plans can often be thrown out the window. But working to understand how to work through problems and learning who in the organization can provide you with support is an important part of making it through that challenge. 

If you had a campus job or internship, how did they impact your career development? 

I am an advocate for on-campus jobs or internships. Working on campus forces you to be involved. It forces you to operate outside of your comfort zone within the confines of a job responsibility while also exploring the benefits of campus involvement. My job at Haworth College of Business' Zhang Career Center provided me with many amazing opportunities to meet professionals from a number of companies and interact with peers - opportunities I may not have seen outside of that experience. On-campus jobs also provide you with amazing flexibility to 'study downstairs and work upstairs,' which is a great benefit- especially if you live off campus. My job at the ZCC was a great experience and I consider it to be one of the ultimate reasons for my receiving two job offers my senior year. 

What advice do you have for students looking for their career after college? 

It’s so important to base your decisions on what type of job you want to have. Money means very little and you're likely to move around quite a bit in your lifetime. For those reasons and more, I encourage students to choose a company that they can connect with and a mission they believe in. I chose Bayer over another job offer because I believe Bayer makes a number of well-known products that anyone can benefit from. I wanted to work for a company that helps people and helps this world, and I found that in Bayer. 

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