Bronco Spotlight: Nicholas Stamper

photo of Nicholas Stamper

Bachelor of Business Administration in integrated supply management and business analytics, 2021

Terminal Trainmaster at BNSF Railway

In June 2021 I will be starting with BNSF Railway as a Terminal Trainmaster at the Corwith Intermodal Facility in Chicago, IL, helping to manage the 230-mile Chillicothe Subdivision between Chicago and Fort Madison, IA on BNSF's Southern Transcon route. My primary responsibilities include planning the optimal movement of trains and crews both within a terminal or across the division, assisting crews with administrative functions (such as vacation, operating paperwork, etc.), ensuring rules compliance through safety briefings and audits, and working with our customers to meet their shipping expectations. 

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

I never wanted to be cooped up in a cubicle all day, so being able to go outside and get my hands dirty while learning about transportation management is something I enjoy. The most challenging part of my job is the hours. The railroad is a 24/7/365 environment, so it's not for everyone!

What activities, resources, or people helped you prepare for your career?

The staff at the Haworth College of Business were instrumental with helping me to achieve my dream. I participated in the Business Externship Program as both an extern and a Peer Mentor, learning the 'ins and outs' of professional conduct and expectations that companies in the transportation field have. Additionally, my ISM professors helped me to develop my ideas and interests into career goals and discover ways to help give back to the program. 

What advice do you have for others pursuing a career similar to yours?

Find ways to prepare yourself. You're going to be working outside, in all weather conditions, day or night. The railroad doesn't stop for much and when it does, it's highly important that you are capable of working safely and efficiently to restore full service. My time working for Delta Air Lines at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport helped me to establish practical experience in those areas, something both I and the BNSF recruiters found to be valuable assets in a transportation candidate. 

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