Adding Content

What is a Content Topic?

Housed within the module, below the module description area, topics are the resources learners will refer to or use to complete learning activities throughout the module.

These topics are created by uploading documents or presentations for reading or review, linking to external resources, or linking to specific activities in D2L (such as discussions, dropboxes, or quizzes). Topics are easy to access links to the information needed to complete the module activities.

Adding Content (Topics) to a Module

  1. Go to the "Content" tab in the course navigation bar at the top of your course homepage.
  2. Select the module title that you would like to develop. Titles for each module in your course are located in order on the left-side menu.
  3. Once you have selected the module, Select "Add New" or "Add Existing"
  • "Add New" allows you to select a document or presentation from your computer or add a link to a URL.
  • "Add Existing" allows you to link a discussion, quiz, or dropbox item or to select documents already copied to your course.
  • View the Content Editing Tutorial Videos and PDFs for more information.

Topic Descriptions

Like the module, each topic area has a description option. Giving a brief description of each item or activity included can be helpful for students. Specifically, in the case of documents or videos, adding some directions for learners to think about the content as they read or watch may be helpful.