Support for Quiz and Examination Integrity

WMU’s Elearning system provides a full-featured set of options to securely administer online quizzes and examinations.

Browser LockDown and Monitoring

WMUx has implemented a new browser lockdown tool, Respondus LockDown Browser, that is designed to prevent students from accessing web pages or other applications on their device while completing their quiz or examination.

We have also added a remote monitoring tool, Respondus Monitor, that can be enabled to aid in the verification of a student’s identity and can also detect movements, sounds, and other triggers that may signal a concern during the examination period. In the event of any irregularities, this machine-based monitor will provide a report and video for the instructor to review and choose the appropriate steps. Both the Browser LockDown and monitoring tools are available for all quizzes and examinations and must be enabled by the instructor. Guides are available at the WMU Instructional Continuity site.

Time Restrictions

Instructors have the option to control the period of time for which students can access an exam. For example, a quiz may be available for access from Tuesday at 3 pm until Wednesday at 3 pm. Instructors also have the option to restrict the amount of time students have to complete the exam once they begin.

Available Question Types

The Elearning system is capable of delivering and auto-grading many question types. The ability to import test banks from a variety of sources is also possible. Guides for preparing your own paper-based test banks into an importable format are available at the WMU Instructional Continuity site.

  1. True or False
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Multi-Select
  4. Written Response
  5. Short Answer
  6. Multi-Short Answer
  7. Fill in the Blanks
  8. Matching
  9. Ordering
  10. Arithmetic
  11. Significant Figures

Pooling and Randomization

Questions can be organized into question pools from which a predetermined number of questions can be randomly delivered to students. For example, if you have a question pool consisting of 100 questions, the system could be configured to deliver 50 questions randomly to each student.

When using multiple choice and multi-select question types, the system can also be configured to randomize the order of the response choices.


With the exception of open-ended questions, the Elearning platform is capable of automatically grading quizzes and examinations and, depending on the selected settings, providing results and feedback to students. Grades can be automatically entered into the gradebook and released to students at a specified date and time.


To accommodate students with special requirements, quizzes and examinations can be configured to allow additional time and/or multiple attempts. These controls can be applied to an individual’s unique needs.

For any other questions related to quizzes and examinations in Elearning, please refer to the WMU Instructional Continuity site or contact the Faculty Technology Center at or (269) 387-6958.