Combine Sections Request

Use this form if you wish to combine (i.e. cross list) two or more course sections into one Elearning section.

  • Combining sections will create a course offering without content that will contain all your student enrollments. It will delete the original course offerings that you submit to be combined.
  • You will need to add or copy content to the new combined section. If you already have a course offering with course material, you can copy it to the combined section ("Edit Course" > "Import/Export/Copy Contents" > "Copy from Another OrgUnit").
  • Enter Grades in a combined section allows you to view and enter grades by section.

Please provide the CRN's of the courses you wish to combine. You can find the CRN's of your course from your Active Teaching Assignments in GoWMU. If you have more than 9 sections please contact the Elearning Administrator (